16th Conference of INEBRIA, 26th – 27th September 2019, Lübeck – Hamburg

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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

09:00 Uhr Brief treatment for alcohol dependence in primary care: the 15 method (Pre-Conference Workshop)
10:00 Uhr E-SIG Inebria Digital Alcohol Interventions: the road forward to best practice and research (Pre-Conference Workshop)
15:00 Uhr INEBRIA Coordinating Committee


Thursday, September 26, 2019

08:30 Uhr Conference Opening
09:00 Uhr Applying implementation science to understand the spread and uptake of alcohol prevention in health care (PL1)
Per Nilsen
10:30 Uhr E-Health interventions (S01)
Chair: A.H. Berman

Alcohol Use Disorders (S02)
Chair: C. Weisner

  • Prevalence of alcohol misuse problem (AMP) recognition within UK military personnel who meet criteria for alcohol misuse. P. Spanakis, R. Gribble, S. Stevelink, R. Rona, N. Fear, L. Goodwin.
  • Coping with alcohol use disorders: a consumer’s perspective A. Bischof, M. Brandes, T. Stamer, H. Rumpf, G. BischofSpecial Target Groups (S03)
  • Brief Intervention for alcohol in pregnant women with criteria for Alcohol Use Disorders A. Lichtenberger, P. V. Gimenez, R. Peltzer, M. Cremonte
  • Understanding Recovery from Alcohol Use Disorders with Systematic Alcohol SBIRT Data C. Weisner, V. A. Palzes, D. Satre, S. A. Sterling, F. Chi

Special Target Groups (S03)
Chair: L. Gelberg

Promoting Engagement for the Safe Tapering of Opioids/Benzodiazepines (PRESTO) D. Bricker

Irish Health Service Executive Screening and Brief Intervention Training. N. Corrigan

12:00 Uhr Annual Meeting INEBRIA
Room: Lübeck
13:30 Uhr Brief interventions in alcohol policies: future directions (PL2)
14:30 Uhr Behavioral addictions in the ICD-11: The need for early interventions (S04)
Chair: H-J. Rumpf

  • Behavioral addictions that should be considered in the ICD-11 M. Brand
  • Brief interventions for behavioral addictions – What can we learn from the substance abuse field? H. Rumpf, A. Bischof, G. Bischof, B. Besser, D. Brandt, F. Rehbein
  • Target populations for early interventions in gambling disorder A. Trachte, D. Brandt, A. Bischof, G. Bischof, T. Stamer, B. Besser, S. Orlowski, H. Hoffmann, H. Rumpf
  • Screening and brief interventions for problematic Internet use in adolescents and young adults D. Brandt, A. Bischof, A. Trachte, B. Besser, S. Orlowski, H. Hoffmann, G. Bischof, T. Stamer, H. Rumpf

The Sustained Patient-centered Alcohol-Related Care (SPARC) Trial: A cluster-randomized implementation trial in primary care (S05)
Chair: A. Lee

  • The Sustained Patient-centered Alcohol-Related Care (SPARC) Trial’s Use of Enhanced Practice Coaching to Implement and Sustain Alcohol-related Care in Primary Care A. Lee, C. E. Achtmeyer, E. J. Ludman, J. E. Richards, R. L. Parrish, P. Lozano, R. M. Caldeiro, E. C. Williams, K. A. Bradley
  • Main Findings of the Sustained Patient-centered Alcohol-related Care (SPARC) Trial K. A. Bradley, A. K. Lee, J. Bobb, J. Richards, E. Ludman, C. Achtmeyer, M. Oliver, R. Caldeiro, R. Parrish, E. Williams, J. Glass, P. Lozano
  • Secondary Evaluation of the Sustained Patient-centered Alcohol-related Care (SPARC) Trial: Patient Reported Advice Across Primary Care Sites at Three Phases of Implementation E. C. Williams, M. C. Frost, A. K. Lee, J. F. Bobb, J. E. Richards, E. J. Ludman, C. E. Achtmeyer, M. M. Oliver, R. M. Caldeiro, R. L. Parrish, J. E. Glass, P. Lozano, K. A. Bradley

Scale-up of prevention and management of alcohol use disorders and comorbid depression in Latin America (SCALA): design and baseline results (S06)
P. Anderson

Interventions in Low and Middle Income Countries (S07)
Chair: D. Kalema

Novel Advancements in Adolescent SBIRT
P. Pietruszewski

16:30 Uhr Evidence-based view on multiple screening and brief intervention research projects based in a Level I US Hospital Trauma Center (S08)
Chair: E. Shilling

  • Impact of Health Disparities and Brief Counseling Interventions on Drinking Outcomes in Hospitalized Trauma Patients E. B. White, E. Wall, E. Shilling, L. Veach, M. O’Brien, P. Miller
  • Addiction and Suicide Interventions Specialized for Trauma (ASIST) Patients O. H. Smith, E. Shilling, L. Veach, L. White
  • Trauma Survivors Outcome O. H. Smith, L. J. Veach, E. H. Shilling, L. B. White, J. Cao
  • Counselor-provided SBIRT for Hospitalized Adults with Substance Misuse or Disordered Use M. McCall

Best Practice: Increasing Knowledge and Improving Training for Health Care Providers (S09)
Chair: J. McNeely

Refining proactive computer-based screening and intervention targeting alcohol consumption in adult populations: New screening strategies, target groups and intervention approaches (S10)
Chair: C. Meyer

  • Proactive computer-based interventions simultaneously targeting hazardous alcohol consumption and depressiveness: Preliminary findings from a randomized controlled proof of concept trial C. Meyer, K. Krause, D. Guertler, A. Moehring, J. Freyer-Adam, S. Baumann, S. Ulbricht, A. Batra, S. Eck, G. Bischof, H. Rumpf, U. John
  • What did I drink last week? Recall of past week alcohol use and screening for at-risk drinking: findings from a randomized study. A. Staudt, J. Freyer-Adam, C. Meyer, G. Bischof, U. John, S. Baumann
  • How severity affects short-term effects of a computer-based brief intervention addressing the full spectrum of alcohol use S. Baumann, A. Staudt, J. Freyer-Adam, G. Bischof, C. Meyer, U. John
  • Computer- and Smartphone-based Intervention (CS-I) to Reduce Harmful Tobacco and Alcohol Consumption K. Petersen, S. Eck, G. Bischof, D. Gürtler, K. Krause, A. Möhring, H. Rumpf, C. Meyer, A. Batra

Assessment (S11)
Chair: S. Baggio

What countries can learn from the Scottish and Catalans when implementing Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (ASBI) nation-wide. J Colom

Friday, September 27, 2019

08:00 Uhr Conference Registration
08:30 Uhr Global maternal alcohol consumption and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: prevalence, comorbidities, economic cost, and brief interventions (PL3)
09:30 Uhr New insights into the potentials of brief alcohol interventions in and beyond health care (PL4)
11:00 Uhr Meeting of the Special Interest Group “Outcome measures in brief intervention trials”
12:00 Uhr Meeting of the Special Interest Group “Substance-Free Pregnancies SIG”
13:00 Uhr Behavior change in the addictions: Interpreting group-level findings on digital interventions from an individual perspective (PL5)
14:00 Uhr Awarded Abstracts INEBRIA 2019 (PL6)
15:30 Uhr INEBRIA ORBITAL project: First Presentation of a Core Outcome Set (COS) and Future Developments (S12)
Chair: N. Heather
15:30 Uhr SBIRT for Adolescents and Young Adults with Alcohol and Drug Use (S13)
Chair: S. Sterling
15:30 Uhr Opioids and Polysubstance Use (S14)
Chair: R. Saitz
15:30 Uhr New Insights and Approaches to Screening and Brief Interventions (S15)
Chair: L. McKnight-Eily
15:30 Uhr The Power of Empathy in Conducting Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT)
Room: PIER 3-4
17:00 Uhr Conference closure



An Application of Deviance Regulation Theory to Increase Safe Drinking Strategies in First Year Students
R. Dvorak, A. Leary
Pharmacy undergraduates’ alcohol use and perceptions to supporting those with alcohol problems
A. Khan, R. Dhital
Comorbid depression in alcohol users: Refining target groups for brief alcohol interventions in medical care settings
D. Guertler, A. Moehring, K. Krause, J. Freyer-Adam, S. Ulbricht, G. Bischof, H. Rumpf, A. Batra, S. Eck, S. Baumann, U. John, C. Meyer
Computerized screening and clinical decision support can increase primary care provider delivery of brief intervention for unhealthy drug use
J. McNeely, M. Mazumdar, A. Polyn, S. Floyd, A. Sharma, D. Shelley, C. Cleland
Consumption of psychoactive substances in tuberculosis patients: Interface to adherence to treatment and brief intervention
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Augmented Reality for Alcohol Abuse prevention among University Students in Mexico City: Pilot Study
M. A. Quiza, M. de Lourdes. Ruiz-Leyva, R. Chávez-Tellería
Acceptability of a tailored mobile alcohol intervention with personalised text messaging for ex-serving military personnel: A qualitative assessment
L. Goodwin, J. Puddephatt, D. Leightley, L. Palmer, N. Jones, T. Mahmoodi, C. Drummond, R. Rona, M. Field, N. T. Fear
Prevalence of alcohol misuse problem (AMP) recognition within those meeting criteria for alcohol misuse: A meta-analysis.
P. Spanakis, J. Smith, R. Gribble, S. Stevelink, R. Rona, N. T. Fear, L. Goodwin
Designing an Alcohol Brief Intervention Targeted at the Unemployed
M. Jecks, L. Goodwin, M. Gabbay, C. Beynon, M. Field
Adaptation, for Indigenous teenagers, of an alcohol and drugs screening test : The DEP-ADO
J. Beauregard, M. Laventure, C. Plourde, J. Tremblay
Implementation of a Parenthood and Addiction Program : programs based on probative data vs practices based on probative data
M. Laventure, J. Beauregard, M. Letarte
Association of perceived parental disapproval with marijuana and alcohol use among urban US high school students receiving brief intervention
C. D. Nordeck, K. Dusek, S. G. Mitchell, R. P. Schwartz, J. Gryczynski
Community based model to scale up primary prevention through advocacy campaigns on role of substance use in increasing HIV new infections among the highly at risk populations in Wakiso, Uganda
M. Herman
Barriers to the implementation of brief interventions in Primary Care Centers for Addictions in northwestern Mexico.
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Help-seeking for alcohol problems among serving and ex-serving UK military personnel
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Experiences of encountering outpatients with problematic substance use in the psychiatric context
E. Petersen, A. H. Berman, A. Thurang
Brief intervention for the motivation to change behavior in women who use risk and harmful alcohol.
D. de Vargas, T. D. Ponce
Hazardous alcohol consumption in depressed health care patients – associations with health related quality of life
K. Krause, D. Guertler, A. Moehring, G. Bischof, H. Rumpf, A. Batra, T. Kohlmann, U. John, C. Meyer
Systematic Reviews of Brief Intervention in Pregnancy: quality assessment with AMSTAR tool
V. P. Cabral, A. M. Abreu, C. Andrade, J. B. Lima
A new item bank for screening and assessing alcohol use and problems in young people
P. Toner, J. McCambridge, J. R. Böhnke
Effectiveness of a web-based screening and brief intervention with weekly text-message-initiated individualized prompts for reducing risky alcohol use
K. Wille, S. Diestelkamp, R. Thomasius, P. Consortium
The Distance Learning course SUPERA
J. F. Galduróz, A. R. Noto, F. L. Moraes, M. O S. Formigoni
Barriers and enablers for the implementation of the German Guideline on Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment of Alcohol-Related Disorders in routine care
C. Lindemann, M. Spiess, M. Härter, J. Reimer, U. Verthein, B. Schulte, A. Buchholz