We are delighted to offer the opportunity for professionals from low and middle-income countries(LMIC) with a genuine interest in expanding the research and practice of brief interventions to apply for a scholarship to support them to attend in-person our INEBRIA 2023 conference in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA.

Who is the target audience?

LMIC-based early-career professionals working in the field of brief interventions for alcohol and other substances, including those from academic, clinical, public and civil sector organisations.

Eligibility criteria for applicants:

• You have to be an early-career stage professional working in the field of brief interventions for alcohol, with no more than 5 years’ professional experience post-PhD, or 8 years post highest educational award if no PhD
• You have to be living in a LMIC (low and middle-income country). Your country of residence must appear in the following table to be eligible:
• You have to be a member of INEBRIA. Membership is free of charge and open to any individual with demonstrable experience in the area of brief interventions for alcohol problems, either from undertaking research or having implemented interventions in one or more settings. You can become a member by filling the registration form you will find on the INEBRIA website
• You have to have an abstract accepted for INEBRIA 2023. Not having an abstract accepted will be a reason for exclusion. To submit an abstract please go to

What do we offer?

INEBRIA offers 4 scholarships to cover the expenses of attending our 2023 conference in-person. This includes money transfer to cover the cost of travel and accommodation of 1,800€

The amount is fixed and there will be no possibility to increase it.

INEBRIA will assess all the applications and reserves the right to make final adjustments to the award to ensure the best use of the resources.

In addition, all successful scholarship awardees will be invited to take part in mentoring activities at the conference. More details will be provided after the selection.

Instructions to apply

Candidates should complete the application form available here

It is vital that you submit all the necessary information, otherwise your application will be not considered.


• The closing date for applications is 1/04/2023
• The application process for INEBRIA scholarships will be entirely in English.
• To be eligible for an award, you must have an accepted abstract for the Edinburgh conference.

Review process

Applications will be reviewed independently by three members of the INEBRIA Coordinating Committee. The decision will be made on the basis of the quality of the accepted abstract, the reasoning provided by the candidate, and the need for support.

Conditions upon signature of the scholarship

Successful applicants will be required to sign a written agreement with INEBRIA, which details the conditions of the award. See an example here: Scholarship-agreement

These include the requirement to write and send a short report on the knowledge or contacts gained through attendance at the conference after the event.

Transfer of the scholarship funds is dependent on your agreement with these conditions.