Saitz Award Nomination

Starting in 2022, INEBRIA instituted a new annual award in honor of our dear colleague Rich Saitz.  The Richard Saitz Outstanding Mentorship Award is given to one individual each year, at the annual conference.  The award seeks to recognize ‘mentorship that moves the field’ by supporting developing scholars in advancing the science and ensuring that brief interventions and related research is rigorous and relevant.  Last year’s recipient was Dr. Dorothy Newbury-Birch, and the prior year was Dr. Katharine Bradley.

We are now welcoming nominations for the 2024 award!  Nominations should follow the directions in the application form attached.  The nomination can be written and submitted by one or more mentees.  Please note that by the rules of the award process, current members of the selection committee (listed below) and the current INEBRIA President are not eligible for nomination.  These individuals may become eligible in the future, when their terms are completed.

In conjunction with the INEBRIA 2024 Conference, the award winner will:

  • Give a plenary presentation focused on their career as a researcher and mentor
  • Receive free registration and subsidized travel to attend the conference, and will be a guest of honor at the conference dinner.

Due date for receipt of nominations June 20, 2024

Nominations should be sent to:, with CC to

We look forward to receiving your nominations! 

Katharine Bradley

Jim McCambridge

Abhijit Nadkarni

Maria Lucia (Malu) Souza-Formigoni