10th Conference of INEBRIA, 19th and 20th September 2013 Roma (Italy)

10th Annual Conference of INEBRIA

Conference: “Brief interventions on alcohol and other drugs: improving health and the quality of health services provision”

19th – 20th September 2013Conference in English and translation into Italian for Plenary Sessions. Credits for the CME will be provided

Two Parallel National Pre-conferences:
XXIII National Scientific Meeting SIA, Società Italiana di Alcologia
Conferenza Nazionale sull’Intervento Breve in Medicina Generale

18th  September 2013

Roma, Italia

Wednesday 18th
9-18 SIA: The Italian Society of Alcohology MMG: The Italian GPs network/CANCELLED for technical/organizational reasons
19,00 INEBRIA Welcome Reception: The Cloister-the garden
Thursday 19th
Opening:Jim Mc Cambridge, President of INEBRIA; Emanuele Scafato and Pierluigi Struzzo, co-organizers: Authorties
9,20-10,00 Key WHO-PAHO: M Monteiro: In a broad perspective..Chair: Emanuele Scafato
C Coffee break: The Cloister
Aula minor SALA 2 (sit 135) SALA 7 (sit 125)
10,20-11,35 Parallels Symposium: Cross-site Evaluation of SAMHSA’s SBIRT Program: Preliminary Data from the 2008 grantee cohort. Chair: C.Ribeiro Parallel: Efficacy of brief Interventions. Chair: Antoni Gual Parallel: Results of original alcohol-related SBI research (1). Chair: Jean Bernard Daeppen
1 Factors Impacting Implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Programs Manu Singh,Erika Tait, Amanda Gmyrek, Amy Hernandez, Georgia Karuntzos. JBS International, Inc. North Bethesda, USA Using Ecological Momentary Assessment to test the Effectiveness of the Web-based Brief Alcohol Intervention ‘What Do You Drink’ over Time C Voogt, Emmanuel Kuntsche, Marloes Kleinjan, Evelien A. P. Poelen, Lex A. C. J. Lemmers, and Rutger C. M. E. Engels. Radboud University, NL Under what conditions? Counselor and client characteristics moderate the role of change talk in brief motivational intervention J. Gaume, M Magill, R Longabaugh, N Bertholet, G Gmel, JB Daeppen.Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Providence, USA
2 Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Program Models and Work Flow Processes: Results of Program Performance Measures Georgia Karuntzos,Frances Del Boca, Janice Vendetti, Bonnie McRee, Amy Hernandez RTI, USA Screening, Brief Intervention and referral totreatment (SBIRT) in an emergency department: three months outcomes of a randomized controlled trial among mexican-origin young adults C. Cherpitel, Robert Woolard, Yu Ye, Jason Bond, Ed Bernstein, Judith Bernstein, Susana Villalobos, Rebeca Ramos. Alcohol Research Group, Emeryville, USA Self-selection in a randomized trial of web-based primary and secondary prevention brief intervention N. Bertholet,Joseph Studer
John A. Cunningham
Jean-Bernard Daeppen
Gerhard Gmel
Bernard Burnand.Department of Cummunity Medicine and Health, Lausanne, CH
3 A Time-in-Motion Study of Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Implementation in Healthcare Settings Alexander Cowell, William N Dowd, Justin Landwehr, Jeremy Bray RTI, USA Effectiveness of alcohol brief intervention delivered by community pharmacists R. Dhital, Cate Whittlesea, Ian. J. Norman, Trevor Murrells, Jim McCambridge. King’s College, London, UK Four years of adolescent alcohol-related hospital treatments; trends over time. N. Van Der Lelij,J.J. van Hoof E. van Zanten. Reinier de Graaf Gasthuis, Delft, NL
4 Cost to Conduct Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in Healthcare Settings Carolina Barbosa,Alexander J. Cowell, William N. Dowd, Justin Landwehr and Jeremy W. Bray.RTI, USA Screening and brief intervention for drug use in primary care: the ASPIRE randomized trial R. Saitz, Tibor P. Palfai, Debbie M. Cheng, Daniel P. Alford, Judith A. Bernstein, Christine A. Lloyd-Travaglini, Seville M. Meli, Christine E. Chaisson, Jeffrey H. Samet Boston Medical Center, USA Internet-based relapse prevention with therapist support for help-seeking problematic alcohol users – a randomized pilot study C. Sundsrtöm,Anne H Berman, Magnus Johansson, Kristina Sinadinovic.Karolinska Institutet, S
Aula minor SALA 2 (sit 135) SALA 7 (sit 125)
11,45-13 Parallels Parallel: Results of original alcohol-related SBI research (2). Chair: Lodewijk Pas Parallel: Results of original alcohol-related SBI research (3). Chair: Marko Kolsek Parallel: SBI education programs. Chair: Joan Colom
1 A case study of the use of deception in brief intervention research: an ethical evaluation J. McCambridge,Kypros Kypri, Preben Bendtsen, John Porter. LSHTM, UK The Impact of Motivational Interviewing to Reduce Alcohol Use Among Adults in Treatment for Depression D. Satre, Stacy Sterling, MPH; Wendy Lu, MPH; Amy Leibowitz, PsyD; Constance Weisner, DrPH. UCSF, USA Working with hazardous and harmful drinkers: derivation and validation of a model for predicting distinct general practitioners groups F. Rosário, Cristina Ribeiro. Tondela’s Primary Health Care Center, P
2 Barriers to treatment for alcohol dependence: a qualitative study S. Andreasson,Sara Wallhed-Finn, Ann-Sofie Bakshi.Karoliska Institutet, S The Impact of Patient- and SBI Process-Level Variables on 6-Month Drinking Outcomes in a Level I Trauma Center J. Rogers, Veach, L.J., & Miller, P.R., Reboussin, B., & O’Brien, M.C.. Wake Forest University, Wiston-Salem, USA IPIB: the ISS-EIBI training program on Early Identification and Brief Intervention on alcohol for Primary Health Care professionals in Italy C. Gandin,Emanuele Scafato, Valentino Patussi, Tiziana Codenotti, Ilaria Londi, Silvia Ghirini, Lucia Galluzzo, Sonia Martire, Lucilla Di Pasquale and the IPIB working group.Istituto Superiore della Sanità, Roma, I
3 Improvement in mental and physical wellbeing among problematic substance users in Internet-based intervention trials A. Berman,Kristina Sinadinovic, PhD.Karolinska Institutet, S Effectiveness of GP intervention on risk drinking clients A re-analysis of data of the Florence Early Identification and Brief Intervention Project M. Falcone, Health Agency Tuscany, I Evaluation of the “Have a word” alcohol brief intervention training course P. Jordan, Craig Jones, John Bradley, Dr Sarah Jones, Dr Carol Foster. Cardiff University, UK
4 Long-term outcomes of a randomized controlled trial on brief alcohol interventions for job-seekers I. Schnuerer,Sophie Baumann, Beate Gaertner, Katja Haberecht, Gallus Bischof, Ulrich John, & Jennis Freyer-Adam.University Medicine Greifswald, D Implementation of BI for alcohol by brazilian health professionals: difficulties and overcoming SR. Zerbetto, Giovannetti,Gisele; Gualtieri, Denise Martins. Federal University of São Carlos, BR
13-14 Lunch break: The Cloister
Aula Minor
Plenary: Implementation Research and Screening and Brief Intervention: Challenges and Opportunities. Chair: Lars Möller
14,00 -15,30 Speakers: Bob Huebner (Organizer); Acting Director, Division of Treatment and Recovery Research, NIAAA; Peter Anderson: Professor, Substance Use, Policy and Practice, Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle University; Antoni Gual: Director, Addictions Unit, Psychiatry Department ICN/ Hospital Clinic, IDIBAPS; Connie Weisner: Chief, Behavioral Health and Aging Research, Division of Research, Kaiser Permanente; Constance Horgan: Director, Institute for Behavioral Health, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Brandeis University; Discussant: Richard Saitz: Professor of Medicine and Epidemiology, Boston University Schools of Medicine and Public Health.
15,30 -15,45 C Coffee break: the Cloister
Aula minor SALA 2 (sit 135) SALA 7 (sit 125)
15,45-17,00 Parallels Symposium: Integrating Implementation Science and Early Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Prob lems: New Findings, New Challenges.Chair: Robert Huebner Parallel: SBI education programs. Chair: Allaman Allamani Parallel: SBI for alcohol and other health behaviours. Chair: Anne Berman
1 Alcohol SBIRT Implementation in Adult Primary Care: Physician versus Non-Physician Delivery. Jennifer Mertens, S Sterling, C Weisner,T Brumder-Ross.Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, Oakland, USA Developing skills to deliver alcohol SBI in community pharmacy P. Penson, J. Krska, E. Stokes, A.J. Mackridge. Liverpool John MooresUniversity, UK Factors that determine the motivation to change alcohol consumption in cardiovascular patients: An exploratory study M. Keuhorst,Angelien Sieben, Gerard Schippers, Miranda Laurant, Bas Bredie.Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL
2 Provider payment approaches and incentives to implement screening Constance Horgan, Deborah Garnick, Maureen Stewart, Dominic Hodgkin, Sharon Reif, Amity Quinn, Mary Brolin. Brandeis University, Waltham, USA Innovative approaches to integrating SBIRT training into nursing education and practice in Colorado L. Fisher, Elizabeth M. Pace, Brie Reimann, Carolyn Swenson. Peer Assistance Services, Inc. Denver, USA Implementation Costs of SBI for Illicit Drug Use G. Zarkin, Jeremy Bray, Jesse Hinde, Richard Saitz.Research Triangle Park, USA
3 Moving Toward SBIRT in the U.S. Military Constance Weisner, University of California, San Francisco and Kaiser Permanente Division of Research, USA Impact of MI-based SBIRT Training on Residents’ Self-reported Attitudes and Behaviors P. Seal, Denice Clark, Jason Dhabliwala, David Miller, Hunter Woodall, Sylvia Shellenberger, and J. Aaron Johnson. Medical Ctr of Central GA & Mercer U School of Medicine, Macon USA SBI for marijuana use in Colorado C. Swenson, Leigh Fischer and Brie Reimann.HealthTeamWorks, USA
4 Factors Underlying Quality Problems with Alcohol Screening in Routine Care Emily Williams,Carol Achtmeyer, Stacey Rittmueller, Gwen Lapham, Laura Chavez, Rachel Thomas, Douglas Berger, Katharine Bradley. VA Puget Sound Health Care System, Seattle, USA Attitudes and managing alcohol problems in general practice in Europe. Results from the ODHIN survey. Marcin Wojnar, Andrzej Jakubczyk, Peter Anderson, Ronda Gaby, Eileen Kaner, Marko Kolsek, Miranda Laurant, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Cristina Ribeiro, Lidia Segura, Hana Sovinova, Fredrik Spak, Pierluigi Struzzo, Antoni Gual. Medical University of Warsaw, PL Exploring older adults’ views about alcohol consumption: implications for brief interventions with older heavy drinkers G. Wilson, Eileen FS Kaner, Jonathan Ling, Ann Crosland, Karen McCabe, Catherine A Haighton. Institute of Health and Society, Newcastle u Tyne, UK
Aula minor SALA 2 (sit 135) SALA 7 (sit 125)
17,15-18,30 Parallels 10: Workshop: Screening tools and approaches to screening in various settings. Chiair: Dorothy Newbury-Birch Parallel: SBI outside general health settings (e.g. criminal justice, employee assistance). Chair: Niamh Fitzgerald Parallel: Screening tools and approaches to screening in various settings. Chair: Sion Harris
1 Health on the web: A randomised controlled trial of work-based online screening and brief intervention for reducing alcohol intake Z. Khadjesari, Elizabeth Murray, Stuart Linke, Rachael Hunter, Nick Freemantle. UCL, UK Identifying and managing problematic substance use in outpatient psychiatric care – a national survey in Sweden C. Sundstöm, Anne H Berman, Kristina Sinadinovic.Karolinska Institutet, S
2 Alcohol and the workplace: the experience of Tuscany car training on IPIB methodology I. Londi, Tiziana Fanucchi,Gabriele Magri,Fiorella Alunni, Mariangela Spampinato, Valentino Patussi, Gianni Testino, Emanele Scafato. Azienda Ospedaliero Universitaria Careggi. Firenze, I Screening for alcohol-related liver damage in the community: findings from the PrevAIL (Preventing Alcohol Harm in Liverpool) study P. Cook, Michela Morleo, Kevin Sanderson-Shortt, David Billington, Clare Perkins, Mark A Bellis, Mark Gabbay, Nick Sheron. University of Salford and Liverpool, UK
3 Alcohol Brief Interventions in Youth and Social Work Settings in Scotland T. Parkes, Martine Stead, Douglas Eadie, Avril Nicoll, Jennifer McKell, Linda Bauld, Sarah Wilson, Cheryl Burgess, Garth Reid, John McAteer and Ruth Jepson. University of Stirling, Scotland Screening, Brief Intervention, Referral to Treatment Among Sexually Active Women of Childbearing Age and Pregnant Women B. Reimann, Leigh Fischer, Carolyn Swenson, SBIRT Colorado, USA
4 An RCT of a brief intervention for a high risk population of young workers A. Roche, Ken Pidd. National Centre for Education and Training On Addiction, Adelaide, AU
Friday September 20th
07,00-08,00 INEBRIA RUN ROMA
Aula Minor
9-10 Plenary Plenary: Miranda Laurant: Effective implementation of EIBI/SBI. Chair: Nick Heather
10-10,15 C Coffee break: the Cloister
The Cloister
Aula minor SALA 2 (sit 135) SALA 7 (sit 125)
11-12,15 Parallel 5 Symposium: Implementing brief interventions in primary health care – the ODHIN five country study. Chair: Paul Wallace Parallel: “Strategies for integrating SBI into health policy “. Chair: Paul Seal Parallel:Utilizing Information Technology to conduct SBI (1). Chair: Anne Roche
1 Introduction Antoni Gual, Clinical Hospital of Barcelona Implementation of Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in the Emergency Department without Additional Resources J. Pringle, Sherry Rickard-Aasen, Tamara Slain, Arvind Venkat.University of Pittsburgh, School of Pharmacy and Therapeutics, US “Nothing good happens after 2 am” – Personal messages in a slef-designed text.based alcohol intervention K. Renner, “Ross McCormick, Natalie Walker. University of Auckland, NZL
2 Design od the ODHIN Study Preben Bendtsen,Fredrik Spak. LinköpingsUniversity, Sweden The ODHIN assessment tool: a tool to describe the available services for the management of hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption at the country and regional level E. Scafato, Claudia Gandin, Miranda Laurant, Myrna Keurhorst, Marko Kolsek, Antoni Gual, Silvia Matrai, Jillian Reynolds, Joan Colom, Lidia Segura, Eileen Kaner, Dorothy Newbury Birch, Peter Anderson, Fredrik Spak, Preben Bendtsen, Hana Sovinova, Pierluigi Struzzo, Brzozka Krzysztof, Cristina Ribeiro, Van Schayck Onno, Gaby Ronda, Colin Drummond, Artur Mierzecki. Istituto Superiore della Sanità, Roma, I Intervening to change problematic alcohol use: Using online personalized feedback to encourage changes in behaviour B. Bewick and research teams.University of Leeds, UK
3 ODHIN baseline and some preliminary results Peter Anderson, Lidia Segura.Newcastle University, UK A survey on the early identification and brief intervention for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption in the Primary Health Care. The European project AMPHORA C.Gandin, Emanuele Scafato, Claudia Gandin, Silvia Ghirini, Lucia Galluzzo, Sonia Martire, Lucilla Di Pasquale, Alfredo Cuffari. Emanuele Scafato, Claudia Gandin, Silvia Ghirini, Lucia Galluzzo, Sonia Martire, Lucilla Di Pasquale, Alfredo Cuffari. Istituto Superiore della Sanità, Roma, I The Development of an Alcohol Brief Intervention E-Coach for use by Primary Care Clinicians L. Broyles, Manu Singh, Keri Rodriguez, Susan Hayashi, Robert Monte, Adam Gordon. VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System, US
4 Scientific challenges of European implementation research: Kathryn Parkinson,Karolina Kloda and Myrna Keuhorts.Radboud University, Nijmegen, NL
Aula Minor
12,15-13 AGM
13-14 L Lunch Break: the Cloister. ‘Additional meeting: The Alcohol Industry and Brief Interventions’
Aula Minor
14-15 Plenary The Nick Heather Lecture. Chair Jim Mc Cambridge
15-15,20 C Coffee Break: the Cloister
Aula minor SALA 2 (sit 135) SALA 7 (sit 125)
15,20-16,35 Parallel 6 Workshop: SBIRT Implementation for Adolescents in Urban Federally Qualified Health Centers. Chair: Shannon Gwin-Mitchell; co-presenter: Carolina Barbosa Parallel:Utilizing Information Technology to conduct SBI (2). Chair: Cheryl Cherpitel
1 Alcohol assessment & feedback by e-mail for university students: main findings from the AMADEUS-1 randomised controlled trial J. McCambridge, Marcus Bendtsen, Nadine Karlsson, Ian R. White, Per Nilsen, Preben Bendtsen. LSHTM, UK
2 Electronic Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment for (ploy) drug users in Emergency Services (eSBIRTes project) T. Defillet, Dr. Koen Titeca, Karolina Kindt & Mr. Bart Rens, Mr. Jochen Schrooten & David Möbius., VAD (Association for alcohol- and other drugproblems) Brussels, B
3 Randomized controlled non inferiority trial of PC based facilitated access to an alcohol reduction website EFAR-FVG P. Wallace, , Pierluigi Struzzo, Roberto della Vedova, Costanza Tersar, Lisa Verbano, Harris Lygidakis, Richard MacGregor, Nick Freemantle*, Emanuele Scafato. UCL, London, UK
4 Mobile phone brief intervention applications for risky alcohol use among university students: A randomized controlled study A. H. Berman, Mikael Gajecki, Kristina Sinadinovic, Morgan Fredriksson, Claes Andersson, Karolinska Insitutet, S
Aula Minor
16,45-17,30 Plenary WHO-EURO: Lars Moller: Where do we go from here? Chair: Richard Saitz
17,30-18,00 Closing Closing of the Conference

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