13th Conference of INEBRIA, 22th – 23th September 2016 Lausanne (Switzerland)

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Conference: “The challenge of complexity: updating models and practice”

13th Conference of INEBRIA 22th 23th September 2016 Lausanne (Switzerland)


Plenary session 1
Eileen Kaner
Screening and brief alcohol intervention in primary care- a perfect fit or a round peg in a square hole
Plenary session 2
Stephen Rollnick Brief Advice; Demonstration, refleccion & discussion
Best abstract:
  • Do brief alcohol interventions improve self-reported health and mental well-being among general hospital inpatients? 2-year results from the randomized controlled trial PECO, presenter: Jennis Freyer-Adam
Session 1: Workshop 1
  • Facilitated access to web-based tools for hazardous/harmful alcohol consumption and alcohol dependence. From evidence to future study directions (Hugo Lopez-Pelayo)
Session 2: Information technology and SBI
  • A1   Innovative support for the patient with alcohol dependence (SIDEAL): Pilot study of a mobile app for alcohol dependence (Pablo Barrio)
  • A2   Smartphone application for unhealthy alcohol use: a pilot study (Nicolas Bertholet)
  • A3   Drowning in data: 7,500 responses to a text message intervention (Iain Crombie)
  • A4   Development of a web-based deviance regulation intervention to increase protective behavioral strategies during spring break (Robert Dvorak)
  • A5   Making electronic interventions engaging: Development of a smartphone app targeting harmful drinking in young adults (Joanna Milward)
  • A6   Alcohol use problem severity moderates the efficacy of in-person versus computer-based brief alcohol intervention at general hospitals (Sophie Baumann)
Session 3: Workshop 2
Session 4: Adolescents and young adults
Session 5: SBI in diverse settings


Workshop 3
  • Using an Implementation Framework to Plan and Guide Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Implementation in Healthcare Settings (Janice Pringle)
Workshop 4
  • Implementing and studying unhealthy alcohol and other substance use prevention and treatment in Emergency Departments (Ryan McCormack)
Symposium 1
Harm reduction and specific patient populations


Plenary session 1
John Cunningham Electronic brief interventions for hazardous alcohol consumption
Plenary session 2
Gail D’Onofrio Inovations in ED intervention for substance use disorders: Saving lives
Best abstract:
Best poster awardAnnual general meeting of INEBRIA
Annual general meeting of INEBRIA
Session 1: Symposium 2
Session 2: Workshop 5
Session 3: Symposium 3
Session 4: SBI and Emergency departments / Attitudes towards substance use related problems and SBI
Session 5: Primary care


Workshop 6
  • A Complex Model Combining Alcohol Screening and Brief Counseling Intervention and Peer Support for Trauma Survivors (Elizabeth White)
Workshop 7
  • Defining brief interventions (Jim McCambridge)
Symposium 4
Varia: processes, economics, education


Poster 1 Development, implementation and evaluation of a training intervention for primary care providers on brief behaviour change counselling, and assessment of the provider’s competency in delivering this counselling intervention (Malan Zerla)
Poster 2


The interactive effects of personality traits and peer influence on alcohol use: which young men might benefit most from interventions targeting peer-influence? (Véronique Grazioli)
Poster 3 Perceptions and attitudes to prenatal alcohol consumption and their influence on screening and brief interventions (Lawrence Doi)
Poster 4 SBIRT as a vital sign for behavioural health identification, diagnosis, and referral in community health care (Ronald Dwinnells)
Poster 5 Barriers to alcohol treatment in medical intensive care unit survivors with alcohol misuse: A qualitative study (Brendan J. Clark)
Poster 6 Efficacy of group SBI for alcohol use disorders versus individual SBI (Vanessa Luna)
Poster 7 Typology of accidents and episodes of violence related to the alcohol consumption: Emergency department of the Central Hospital of Sao Tome and Principe (Teresa Barroso)
Poster 8 Substance use interventions in inpatient psychiatric settings: An opportunity missed? (Duncan Stewart)
Poster 9 Primary care-based facilitated access to a web based brief intervention to reduce alcohol consumption (EFAR-Spain): First data of the recruitment and the follow-up (Hugo López-Pelayo)
Poster 10 Brief intervention for alcohol, tobacco and other drugs among users of primary care (Angela Maria Mendes Abreu)
Poster 11 Alcohol and drug risk patterns of patients screened by advanced practice registered nursing (APRN) students (J. Paul Seale)
Poster 12 Effects of alcohol screening and brief intervention on drug users in treatment: Pre experimental study (Teresa Barroso)
Poster 13 Problematic and pathological Internet use – Development of a short screening questionnaire (Anja Bischof)
Poster 14 Establishing  a standard joint unit (Cristina Casajuana)
Poster 15 Primary care intervention to reduce recurrence of binge drinking in young people admitted to the emergency department for acute alcohol intoxication (FM-IB): A pilot study (Dagmar M. Haller)
Poster 16:   Acceptability of a SBI approach to reduce alcohol/drug use and risky sex during pregnancy (Golfo Tzilos)y
Poster 17 Alcohol and hypertension in primary health care (Pol Bruguera)
Poster 18 Developing an alcohol brief intervention (ABI) for male remand prisoners in the United Kingdom (PRISM-A): A case study of access, feasibility, ethics and recruitment (Aisha Holloway)


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