6th Conference of INEBRIA, 8th and 9th October 2009, Newcastle Gateshead (England)

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Conference Programme
Thursday, 08th october
9.00 – 9.45 Opening Ceremony
Welcome to participants
Peter Anderson, INEBRIA President
· Official opening · David Hambleton, Director of Commissioning and Reform, South of Tyne and Wear PCT
· Roberta Blackman-Woods MP Assistant Regional Minister for the North
East of England
· Introduction to conference: Breaking New Ground in the Study and Practice of Alcohol Brief Interventions. · Nick Heather
9.45 – 10.30 Keynote address
Chair: Eileen Kaner
· Conversation is neither desired nor required.
· Peter Anderson
Chair: Don Lavoie
· A Framework for Action: Scotland’s national alcohol strategy · Mike Palmer
· The national support programme for the H4:HEAT target for alcohol brief interventions · George Howie
· Alcohol brief interventions: research and evaluation · Andrew McAuley
· Alcohol problems in Scotland: a public health perspective · Lesley Graham
14.45 – 15.30 Winner’s plenary
Chair: Dorothy Newbury-Birch· Pharmacy customers’ views of potential brief alcohol intervention in community pharmacies
· Ranjita Dhital, Catherine Whittlesea, Ian Norman, Peter Milligan
16.00 – 17.30 Workshop: Implementing SBI · Paolo Deluca, Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Chair: Lidia Segura Garcia
· The broader impact of SBI on workplace productivity and drinking in the employee assistance program · Karen Chan Osilla
· Translating medical SBIRT into behavioural healthcare practice in work-related settings · Tracy McPherson, Dennis Derr, Judy Mickenberg, Eric Goplerud, Sherry Courtemanche, Laura Chaney
· The cost of implementing SBI in an EAP setting: methodology and preliminary results · Alexander Cowell
· Challenges and lessons learned in implementing screening and brief intervention (SBI) in employee assistance programs (EAPS) · Georgia Karuntzos
16.00 – 17.30 (PS3) Strategies for integrating SBI in policy
Chair: Antoni Gual
· Identification and brief advice in England – A major plank in Government alcohol harm reduction policy · Don Lavoie
· How can social marketing help deliver SBI? · Nick Tancock
· An evaluation of a national education effort in handling risky drinking (Sweden) · Marika Holmqvist
· Italian experience and activities relating to EIBI (Early identification and brief intervention) · Emanuele Scafato, Claudia Gandin, Silvia Ghirini, Lucia Galluzzo and the IPID working group.
11.00 – 12.30 (PS1) Current research on SBI in Europe
Chair: Erikson Furtado
· The effect of SBI on repetition of deliberate self harm: an exploratory randomised controlled trial · Mike Crawford, Emese Csipke, Adrian Brown, Steven Reid, Julian Redhead, Robin Touquet
· Readiness to change and dimensions of AUDIT scores · Tiina Kaarne, Mauri Aalto, Jukka Halme, Martii Kuokkanen, Kaija Seppa
· Alcohol consumption and all-cause mortality among elderly in Finland · Jukka Halme, Kaija Seppa, Hannu Alho, Mauri Aalto
· Early identification of alcohol problems and hazardous use · Hanna Reihnholdz, Fredrick Spak
· EI/BI for risky drinkers at GP office. An experience in Florence · Allaman Allamani, Manuele Falcone, Fabio Voller, Vittorio Boschernini
Chair: Jim McCambridge
Discussant: Nick Heather
· Brief alcohol intervention and alcohol assessment do not influence alcohol use in injured patients treated in the emergency department: a randomised controlled trial. · Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Jacques Gaume, Pierre Bady, Bertrand Yersin, Jean-Marie Calmes, Jean-Claude Givel, Gerhard Gmel
· Brief motivational alcohol interventions: do counsellors’ and patients’ communication characteristics predict change? · Jacques Gaume, Gerhard Gmel, Jean-Bernard Daeppen
· Counsellor behaviours and patient language during brief motivational interventions: a sequential analysis of speech · Jacques Gaume, Gerhard Gmel, Mohamed Faouzi, Jean-Bernard Daeppen
· Counsellor skill influences outcomes of brief motivational interventions · Jacques Gaume, Gerhard Gmel, Mohamed Faouzi, Jean-Bernard Daeppen
· Change talk during brief motivational intervention: towards or away from drinking · Nicolas Bertholet, Mohamed Faouzi, Gerhard Gmel, Jacques Gaume, Jean-Bernard Daeppen
11.00 – 12.30 (PS2) SBI and young people and application to ethnic minorities
Chair: Bart Garmyn
· Detection and intervention of alcohol consumption problems in University students from Cadiz (Spain) · Christina Gavira Fernandez, Cristina O’Ferrall Gonzalez, Jose Pedro Novalbos Ruiz, Jose Manuel Romero Sanchez
· Is brief motivational intervention effective to reduce drinking among young men voluntary to receive it · Jacques Gaume, Nicolas Bertholet, Mohamed Faouzi, Cristiana Fortini,
Gerhard Gmel, Jean-Bernard Daeppen
· How do counsellor and 20 year old subject speech articulate during brief motivational interventions? · Jacques Gaume, Nicolas Bertholet, Mohamed Faouzi, Gerhard Gmel, Jean- Bernard Daeppen
· Community education and brief intervention for alcohol in an urban aboriginal setting · Katherine Conigrave, Therese Carroll, Lynette Simpson, Vicki Wade, Keren Kiel, Brad Freeburn, Brian Freeman
· Problematic alcohol use and traveller men · Marie Clare Van Hout
16.00 – 17.30 (PS4 ) Innovative ways of encouraging implementation and strategies for integrating SBI in policy
Chair: Pierluigi Struzzo
· Alcohol screening and brief intervention delivery to an Irish cohort of opiate dependent methadone maintained patients · Catherine Darker, Brion Sweeney, Haytham El Hassan, Bobby Smyth, Jo- Hanna Ivers, Joe Barry
· Predictors of the implementation of SBI by health professionals trained by SUPERA course twenty months before · Thiago Pavin, Paulina Duarte, Maria Lucia Souza-Formigoni
· Brazilian alcohol and drugs policy of the Ministry of Health and SBIRT implementation · Erikson Furtado
· From small municipalities to the regional Government and more…A process of SBI integration into Friuli – Venezia Giulia health policy · Pierluigi Struzzo, Luigi Canciani, Diego Vanuzzo, Alessia Massarutto, Lucia Zarmella
14.45 – 15.30 Poster Session
Host: Stephanie Clutterbuck
Friday, 9th October
9.00 – 9.45 INEBRIA Annual General Meeting
9.45 – 10.30 Plenary presentation
Chair: Dorothy Newbury-Birch· Interventions to reduce alcohol related violence
· Jonathan Shepherd
Chair: Leo Pas
· Symposium overview · John Cunningham
· A randomised controlled trial of an internet-based intervention for alcohol abusers: Twelve-month follow up results · John Cunningham, Cameron Wild, Joanne Cordingley, Trevor Van Mierlo, Keith Humphreys
· Can stand-alone computer-based interventions reduce alcohol consumption? · Zarnie Khadjesari, Elizabeth Murray, Christine Godfrey, Catherine Hewitt,
Giancarlo Manzi, Simon Thompson
· Cost-effectiveness of a web-based self help for problem drinkers · Helen Riper, Jeannet Kramer
· Can electronic feedback reduce student alcohol intake: A multi-site investigation of unitcheck · Bridgette Bewick, Michael Barkham, Brendan Mulhern, Andrew HIll
13.45 – 14.30 Keynote address
Chair: Kaija Seppa· NICE work if you can get it – Screening and brief
intervention as a public health strategy to reduce
hazardous drinking in England
· Eileen Kaner
15.00 – 16.30 Workshop: SBI training skills Ruth McGovern, Tom Phillips
16.30 Discussion and close
Facilitator: Paul Cassidy
11.00 – 12.30 (PS5) SBI in a criminal justice setting
Chair: Joan Colom
· Screening and brief intervention with alcohol abusing offenders · Alistair Sweet, Carol Weir, Gary Prentice, Deidre Murphy
· Evaluating computerised motivational interviewing for prisoners with alcohol problems: Feasibility study of randomised trial · Emma Pennington, Geraint Jones, Ian Russell
· Alcohol screening and brief intervention in a policing context: A feasibility study · Nicola Brown, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Eileen Kaner
· Developing an understanding of the levels of alcohol misuse amongst young people in the youth justice system · Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Katherine Jackson, Eilish Gilvarry, Paul Cassidy, Eileen Kaner, Tony Hodgson
15.00 – 16.30 Symposium (5): ECONOMIC EVALUATIONS OF SBI
Chair: Peter Anderson
· A meta analysis of the impact of SBI on healthcare utilization · Jeremy Bray, Alexander Cowell, Jesse Hinde
· Brief intervention costs in two populations in the Unites States: College students and US Air Force personnel · Alexander Cowell
· The costs of SBI: Findings from the literature · Jeremy Bray, Gary Zarkin, Michael Mills
11.00 – 12.30 (PS6) Methodological issues in research on SBI
Chair: Fredrik Spak
· Alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary care: no evidence of efficacy for dependence · Richard Saitz
· A systematic review of the impact of brief interventions on substance use and co-morbid physical and mental health conditions · Katherine Jackson, Stephanie Clutterbuck, Nicola Brown, Eileen Kaner
· Efficacy of brief motivational intervention to reduce alcohol use of army conscripts · Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Jacques Gaume, Nicolas Bertholet, Mohamed Faouzi, Cristiana Fortini, Gerhard Gmel
· Brief Interventions in hospitalized smokers and risky drinkers: Missed Opportunities · Antoni Gual, Barbara Segura, Montse Ballbe, Marc Walther, Joan Colom
15.00 – 16.30 (PS8) Optimal forms of screening in various settings
Chair: Richard Saitz
· PAT (2009) with clinical signs and BAC · Robin Touquet, Adrian Brown
· Screening activity of risky drinking in Finnish occupational health services · Leena Hirnoven, Kaija Seppa, Martti Kuokkanen, Anna-Maija Pietila
· Screening and brief intervention program design in an aeronautic company in Cadiz (Spain) · Gonzalez Dominiquez, Christine O’Ferrall, Christine Gavira, Jose Manuel
Romero, Alba Garcia, Martinez Delgado
· The Czech AUDIT: Internal consistency and latent structure · Ladislav Csemy, Hana Sovinova
· Comparing the sensitivity of NIAAA single question screen to ASSIST in detecting at-risk alcohol use · Paul Seale, Aaron Johnson, Sylvia Shellenberger
11.00 – 12.30 (PS7) SBI and the internet
Chair: Preben Bendtsen
· Translating internet-based interventions for global access: A success story from the 5th conference of INEBRIA · Trevor Van Mierlo, Telmo Ronzani, Isabel Cristina Weiss de Souza, LucasFigueroa, Breanne John, John Cunningham
· How is an electronic SBI for problematic alcohol use received in a student population · Jessica Fraeyman, Paul Van Royen, Wim Vanspringel, Guido Van Hal
· Effectiveness of mail based computerized SBI among college freshmen · Preben Bendtsen
· Design and implementation of a web-based support for family members of alcohol or drug misusing relatives · Akan Ibanga, Alex Copello, Jim Orford, Lorna Templeton, Richard Velleman
15.00 – 16.30 (PS9) SBI and young people
Chair: Marko Kolsek
· Theory of alcohol related harm · Simon Moore
· Findings from a systematic review of assessment effects upon drinking behaviour in brief intervention trials: How much does existing evidence apply only to young people? · Jim McCambridge, Kypros Kyrpri
· The effectiveness of an innovative intervention aimed at reducing binge drinking among young people · Richard Cooke, Lester Coleman, Josephine Ramm
· Brief intervention applied by teachers in risk drinking adolescents: 4-month follow up · Raul Martins
Poster 01 Gwen Adey, Simon Moore, Ian Chestnutt The Expected Emotional and Financial Costs and Benefits of Alcohol consumption in Young People
Poster 02 Sampson Misango, Jana MacLeod, Christine Sicinski SBI in Kenya
Poster 03 Steven McCluskey, Julie Dowds, Joanne Winterbottom, Niamh Fitzgerald Alcohol Brief Interventions: Considering New Frontiers
Poster 04 Jane Moraes Lopes, Erikson Felipe Furtado Update for health teams by campaigns of warning about consumption of alcohol
Poster 05 Claire Hampson, Alex Copello, Jim Orford Integrating evidence-based family-intervention into routine addiction services: bridging the gap between research and policy
Poster 06 Laura Jacobus-Kantor, Eric Goplerud, Tracy McPherson, Delia Olufokunbi Sam Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol Problems: Results from the 2009 eVaue8 RFI
Poster 07 Michaela Bitarello Amaral-Sabadini, Richard Saitz, Maria Lucia Souza-Formigoni Do attitudes about unhealthy substance use impact primary care professionals’ readiness to implement preventive care?
Poster 08 Jane Moraes Lopes, Erikson Felipe Furtado Perception of health professional about practices, preparing and role about alcohol and drug related problems
Poster 09 Jane Moraes Lopes, Erikson Felipe Furtado Beliefs and expectations about alcohol use: evaluation of the effect of training in brief interventions
Poster 10 Laura Jacobus-Kantor, Eric Goplerud, Tracy McPherson, Delia Olufokunbi Sam Health Plan Policies for Screening and Treatment of Alcohol problems: Results from the 2009 eValue8 RFI
Poster 11 Pamela Migliorini, Claudina da Silva, Erikson Felipe Furtado Continuing supervision needed to build a network for SBIRT implementation in the public health system.
Poster 12 Poliana Patricio Aliane, Joseane de Souza, Vanessa Giovanini Manesco, Larissa Horta Esper, Erikson Felipe Furtado Health professionals and community agents knowledge about alcohol use and women’s health in Brazil
Poster 13 Ian Corbett Alcohol and Drug Use amongst Maxillofacial Trauma Patients.
Poster 14 Mandy English Commissioning a Community alcohol Service (CAS) in County Durham.
Poster 15 Lidia Segura, Estela Diaz, Antoni Gual, Joan Colom New impetus to the implementation of the Drink Less Programme in primary health care centres in Catalonia
Poster 16 Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Barbara Harrison, Nicola Brown, Eileen Kaner Sloshed and sentenced: a prevalence study of alcohol use disorders amongst offenders in the North East of England
Poster 17 Shona Haining, Catherine Adams, Dorothy Newbury-Birch From proposal to execution: How Primary Care Research and Development Departments and researchers work together
Poster 18 Lidia Segura, Eulalia Duran, Antoni Gual, Joan Colom Evaluation of the Beveu Menys e-learning tool
Poster 19 Sofia Tomas, Pepa Torrijo, Silvia Tortajada, Julia Aguilar Detection of Alcohol-Related Problems in Primary Care Health Centers in the Autonomous Region of Valencia (Spain)
Poster 20 Gregory Greenwood, Eugene Baker, Francisca Azocar, Eric Goplerud, Tracy McPherson Evaluation of Telephonic Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (SBI) in and Employee Assistance Program
Poster 21 Sarah Ward Real Life Screening and Brief Interventions: examples from across England
Poster 22 Mary Clifford, Rose Capello, Stephanie Clutterbuck, Malcolm Hobbs, Debra Jeffery, Elizabeth Phinn SIPs – The story so far
Poster 23 Tracy McPherson, Dennis Derr, Judy Mickenberg, Eric Goplerud, Sherry Courtemanch, Laura Chaney Evaluation of telephonic alcohol screening and brief intervention (SBI) for at risk drinking in employee assistance programs (EAPs).