12th Conference of INEBRIA, 24th – 25th September 2015 Atlanta (Georgia)


Conference: “Interprofessional Involvement in Screening and Brief Intervention”

24th – 25th September 2015 Atlanta, Georgia Conference in English

Preconference Workshop: “Interprofessional SBI Involvement – Policy and Practice

23th  September 2015

Marriott Buckhead Hotel, Atlanta, GA, USA

Thursday, September 24, 2015CONFERENCE DAY ONE Disseminating Alcohol

Opening and Plenary

Karen Ingersoll, MD
SBI for Reducing Alcohol Exposed Pregnancies

Keynote Plenary

John Knight, MD
Adolescent SBI for Alcohol & Drugs

Session 1: Efficacy of Electronic SBI
Chair: R. Saitz Room: Marietta
Session 2: Implementation Research
Chair: S. Andreasson Room: Heritage B

Thursday, September 24, 2015 | CONFERENCE DAY ONE (con.)

Session 3: BI in Non-Health Care Settings
Chair: J. Roxborough Room: Dahlonega
Workshop 1
Room: Oglethorpe
M. Weber, L. Rosenthal, Aurora, USA : SBIRT and Substance-related Education for Health Care Providers and Students – Dissemination of SBI through Health Professional Education
Symposium 1
Room: Heritage A
Chair: D. Hungerford
B. Porter, E. Dang, N. Roget, R. Zoorob, Anchorage, USA: Implementing Alcohol Screening & Brief Intervention into Primary Care: Experiences among Three CDC-Funded Grantees
Symposium 2
Room: Savannah
A. Berman, L. Hides, F. Blow, Stockholm, Sweden: Addressing problematic substance use among patients seeking help for psychiatric problems
Poster Session (Heritage C)
SBI Implementation in Large Health Systems

K. Bradley and N. Fitzgerald

Session 4: Efficacy of BI in Emergency Departments
Chair: N. Fitzgerald Room: Savannah
Session 5: SBI Education and Training Programs
Chair: J. McCambridge Room: Heritage A
4:00p – 5:30p Breakout Session 2 (con.)
Session 6: Information
Chair: J. Daeppen Room: Marietta
Workshop 2
Room: Oglethorpe
W. Forman, G. Somerville; E. Kleinschmidt; R. Day, Rockville, USA: SBIRT Best Practices in Diverse Settings
Workshop 3
Room: Dahlonega
J. Pringle, P. Seale, A. Kowalchuk, L. Laufman, J. Bray, Pittsburgh, USA: Training Staff to Assess SBIRT Fidelity in the Field with Constructive Trainee Feedback
Symposium 3
Room: Heritage
B J. Bray, A. Cowell, Greensboro, USA: Economics of SBI: methods and applications

Friday, September 25, 2015 | CONFERENCE DAY TWO

Brief Interventions for Unhealthy Drug Use

Nick Heather Lecture
R. Saitz

State of the Science Regarding SBI for Drugs

Future Directions for Drug SBI Research
R. Saitz, L. Gelberg, S. Ondersma, J.P. Seale

Session 7: Implementation
Chair: D. Finnell Room: Savannah
Session 8: BI in Adolescents
Chair: C. Clevenger Room: Oglethorpe
  • C. Quinn, L. Hides, Kelvin Grove, Australia: What Predicts the Severity of Alcohol Use and Related Problems Among Young People Presenting to Emergency Department or Crisis Support Care?
  • S. Hadland, J. Knight, S. Copelas, S. Harris, Boston, USA: Trajectories of Substance Use Frequency Among Teens Seen in Primary Care
  • J. Gryczynski, R. Schwartz, S. Mitchell, L. Dzirasa, K. Dusek, K. O’Grady, A. Cowell, Baltimore, USA: Preliminary research in preparation for a randomized trial of brief intervention strategies for adolescents in school-based health centers.
  • L. D’Souza-Li, J. Knight, L. Sherritt, J. Boggis, S. Harris, Boston, USA: Does patient or clinician gender modify the efficacy of a primary care brief intervention for adolescent alcohol use?

Friday, September 25, 2015 | CONFERENCE DAY TWO (con.)

Session 9: Screening Tools & Approaches
Chair: K. Bradley Room: Marietta
Workshop 4
Room: Heritage A
W. Forman, G. Somerville; E. Kleinschmidt; R. Day, Rockville, USA: Lessons Learned from SAMHSA’s SBIRT Training Program
Workshop 5
Room: Heritage B
G. Subramaniam, K. Huntley, G. Bart, J. McNeely, Bethesda, USA: Electronic Clinical Decision Support for the Identification and Management of Opioid Use/Misuse in General Medical Settings
Symposium 4
Room: Dahlonega
C. Weisner, D. Satre, G. Lapham, S. Sterling, F. Chi, San Francisco, USA: Screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment for alcohol and other drug problems: Implementation and potential impacts in the healthcare systems
Afternoon Plenary: Electronic SBI Plenary Abstracts

G. Rose, L. Gelberg, S. Ondersma, P. Bendtsen

Friday, September 25, 2015 | CONFERENCE DAY TWO (con.)

Session 10: SBI Education & Training
Chair: C. Clevenger Room: Heritage B
Session 11: Efficacy of Brief Interventions
Chair D. Hungerford Room: Heritage
Session 12: Other Research
Chair: J. Roxborough Room: Marietta

Friday, September 25, 2015 | CONFERENCE DAY TWO (con.)

Workshop 6
Room: Dahlonega
L. Dongre, L. Veach, P. Miller, L. Shearer, E. White, Winston-Salem, USA: A Cost-effective Interprofessional Training Model: Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment Program at a U.S. Level I Trauma Center
Workshop 7
Room: Savannah
D. Brown, Canada: Screening and Intervention Technologies for Implementing SBIR
Symposium 5
Room: Oglethorpe
M. K. Weber, S. Sterling, T. Balachova, G. Chander, E. Miller, G. Chang, Atlanta, USA: Women, Girls and Alcohol: Current Research on Screening and Brief Intervention
Closing Presentation

J. McCambridge Poster Award


Preben Bendtsen, Ulrika Müssener, Nadine Karlsson, Hugo Lópz-Pelayo, Jorge Palacio-Vieira, Joan Colom, Antoni Gual, Jillian Reynolds, Paul Wallace, Lidia Segura, Peter Anderson Implementing referral to an electronic alcohol brief advice website in primary health care: results from the ODHIN implementation trial
Riany Moura Rocha Brites Screening for alcohol consumption for a worker Health intervention
Brief intervention (bi) for workers with problems related to alcohol consumption: an integrative review
Kim M. Caudwell, Barbara A. Mullan, Martin S. Hagger Combining motivational and volitional approaches to reducing pre-drinking alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm: An online, psychological theory-based intervention
Jennifer C. Elliott1,2 Efrat Aharonovich1,2 Ann O’Leary3 Deborah S. Hasin1,2 Drinking motives and alcohol intervention for patients with HIV
Kelly Marzano, Carolyn Swenson Implementation of single-item alcohol screening and brief intervention in a primary care clinic in western colorado
Laura C. McKay, Melissa Garno, Ursula Pritham, Sharon Radzyminski A retrospective comparison of neonatal outcomes for infants born to mothers using opioid analgesics for chronic, non-obstetric pain in pregnancy and implications for clinical practice
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Carolyn Swenson, Donna Strickland, Jennifer Place, Elizabeth M. Pace A peer health and self-care module for university nursing programs
Lindsay Shearer, MS, LPC, NCC, Elizabeth White, MA, and Gigi Wieringa, BA Screening and brief counseling intervention of acute stress disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder with burn patients at wake forest baptist medical center
Ralph Hingson, Sc.D., M.P.H. NIAAA Funding Opportunities for Inter-Professional Researchers Atlanta,