2nd Conference of INEBRIA, 15th and 16th September 2005, Munster (Germany)

The 2nd Conference of INEBRIA was held in Munster, on September 15th-16th 2005 and was co-sponsored by the World Health Organitzation and the Health Departament of the Government of Catalonia. More information:

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At the conferenca various internationally renowned speakers brought the audience up to date on the current state of theory and practice of brief interventions for alcohol problems.

Speakers & Presentations

Keynote Address I 
Dr. Thomas Babor , USA , University of Connecticut , School of Medicine
Alcohol screening, brief intervention and referral to treatment (SBIRT): translational research par excellence
Symposium I 

Chair: Peter Anderson

Professor Nick Heather, Dr. Paul Cassidy & Mr. Mark Girvan , England, Northumbria University, Division of Psychology and Gateshead Primary Care Trust
Findings from The Tyne & Wear Health Action Zone SBI Pilot Implementation Project

Dr. Joan Colom , Spain , Program on Substance Abuse of the Health Department of the Government of Catalonia
Implementation of EIBI in Catalonia : The Beveu Menys experience

Professor Ralf Demmel , Germany , University of Münster , Dept of Clinical Psychology
Project BrIAN: training of general practitioners, implementation and treatment fidelity

Poster Session  

Aalto, Mauri Primary care physician’s own AUDIT-scores as predictor for their use of brief

alcohol intervention

Allamani, Allaman The Florence 1 Early Identification and Brief Intervention Project

Andersson, Claes Changes in alcohol consumption and stress level in the freshmen year at

university and its relation to drop out from university studies.

Aulhorn, Ines Self-efficacy in a primary health care sample of problem drinkers: “How

confident are you that you could cut do wn your drinking?”

Bischof, Gallus Medical care requested by at-risk alcohol consumers and smokers: results of

a representative population survey

Cardoner, N. Alcohol-related problems among General Hospital Impatients: Screening and

Brief Intervention

Díaz, Rosa The need of brief preventive interventions for adolescent psychiatric patients
Erikson F. Furtado Brazil Pai-Pad/WHO Project. Who benefits mostly from trainning? Preliminary Results

Gual A., Colom J. Training Screening and Brief Interventions for Alcohol Problems in Central America

Johnsson, Kent O. 3- year follow-up of a randomized trial on cognitive behaviour program and

mailed personalized feedback in university students with risky alcohol consumption

Klipp, Simone Translating Alcohol Delinquency into Health Management

Kuokkanen, Martti Trends of EIBI activity in Finnish occupational health service

Monteiro, Maristella EIBI in PAHO

Patussi, Valentino Early screening and brief intervention in the general practitioners setting: an

integrative strategy to reduce alcohol related problems in the community

Peters, Ellen Brief lifestyle interventions delivered by physicians in three different

outpatient settings

Reinhardt, Susa Attitude towards and experiences of screening-procedures to identify

alcohol-related disorders in patients of general practitioners

Rist, Fred Conjoint screening and intervention for alcohol misuse and smoking in

primary health care

Ronzani, Telmo Implementation of Strategies for Preventing Excessive Alcohol Use in

Primary Care Settings: between the ideal and the possible

Segura, Lidia Beyond the dissemination of the Beveu Menys: new strategies for the ongoing


Symposium II   
Chair: Lídia Segura

Dr. Henrietta Lundkvist , Sweden , Lund University , Clinical Alcohol Research
Effects of an interventional alcohol program in Swedish university dormitories

Dr. Supa Pengpid , South Africa, University of Limpopo, National School of Public Health, Department of Social  and Behavioural Health Sciences
Women empowerment: an intervention to reduce alcohol consumption and prevent alcohol-related problems

Dr. Pierluigi Struzzo , Italy , Community Research Centre of Martignacco
Brief advice and local authorities

Dr. Bonnie Mc Ree , USA , University of Connecticut , School of     Medicine
Implementing screening and brief intervention models to reduce tobacco use and at-risk drinking in primary care clinics in the USA    

Keynote Address II 

Mark Willenbring , USA , NIAAA
The new NIAAA Clinician’s Guide : development and implementation in a continuum of care   
Symposium III

Chair: Fred Rist

Dr. Hans-Jürgen Rumpf , Germany , Medical University of Luebeck , Dept. Of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Is there an increased readiness to change drinking in patients visiting a general practitioner?

Professor Mats Berglund , Sweden , Lund University , Clinical Alcohol Research
Prevention of high-risk alcohol consumption in university students: a systematic literature research including meta-analyses

Dr. Peter Anderson , Netherlands, Radboud University of Nijmegen, Medical School, Department of Quality of Care
Numbers needed to screen and numbers needed to treat for hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption in primary health care

PHEPA Workshop

Dr. Antoni Gual , Spain , Health Department of the Government of Catalonia
Symposium IV
Chair: Ralf Demmel

Dr. Alicia Rodriguez-Martos , Catalonia ( Spain ), Public Health   Agency of Barcelona  
Effectiveness of brief interventions in BAC-positive traffic casualtiesattending an emergency room: one year follow-up

Professor Kaija Seppä , Finland , University of Tampere , Medical School , Department of General Practice
One step forward: VAMP project implements brief alcohol interventions in Finnish primary health care

Dr. Cristina Ribeiro , Portugal , Directorate General of Health, Psychiatry and Mental Health Dept.
Alcohol national networking in Portugal

Professor Karl Peltzer , South Africa , University of Venda , Department of Psychology,
Attitudes and management of alcohol problems in general practice in rural South Africa

For more information on the agreements achieved during the business meeting, please take a look on the Minutes of the Business Meeting (pdf)