5th Conference of INEBRIA, 8th and 9th October 2008, Ribeirão Preto (Brazil)

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Wednesday, 08th october
Time Rubi Turquesa
Satellite Symposia
8.30 SBIRT Training 1
10.00 Coffee-Break
10.30 SBIRT Training 2
12.00 Lunch
14.30 Pan-American Health Organization: regional consultation implementation of Brief interventions in the americas 1 Satellite Symposium 1: ALCoHoL AND WOMEN

Florence Kerr-Corrêa, Maria C. P. Lima, Ney Lemke, Maria Luisa V. Campos Faria, Adriana M. Tucci, Maria Odete Simão, Priscila Lopes Pereira, José Manoel Bertolote.
·Gender differences in patterns of alcohol use in Metropolitan São Paulo, BrazilAgnes Meri Yasuda; Juliana Maria Marques Megale, Quitéria de Lourdes Lourosa; Aldaísa Cassanho Forster.
·Alcohol consumption profile of women from a Family Health Program (NSF1)Clarissa Mendonça Corradi-Webster, Larissa Horta Esper, Ana Maria Pimenta Carvalho
·Women and alcohol consumptionIzete Soares da Silva Dantas Pereira
·Alcoholism among women in the city of Natal-RN/Brazil
16.00 Coffee-Break
16.30 Pan-American Health Organization: regional consultation implementation of Brief interventions in the americas 2 Symposium S2: alcohol and Youth Coord. manuel vilapriño

Ethelanny Pantaleão Leite, Maria Teresa Martins Viveiros, Julia Francisca Pinheiro Saraiva, Arlete Penha Cutrim, Hilda Nazaré Martins
·Drug consumption among students in a neighborhood of Sao Luis – maranhão StateJoão Dantas Pereira
·Alcoholism among adolescents and teenagers in Natal-RN.Raul Aragão Martins; Luciana N. Cruz; Antonio J. Manzato; Ana Carla F. Scarin; Patricia S. Texeira; Rosana A. Kawashima
·Brief intervention with high school students that presented risk drinkingMaria Luiza Segatto, Solange Andreoni, Rebecca Souza e Silva, Ilana Pinsky
·The effectiveness of Brief Motivational Intervention in young patients
18.30 Expositions Hall | Cocktail
20.00 Conference room Topazio | opening Ceremony
Keynote Speech: maristela monteiro, PAHO/WHO “alcohol and Public Health in the Americas” (EN)

Maristela Monteiro
Alcohol and Public Health in the Americas
Thursday, 09th october
Time Rubi Turquesa
08:30 Keynote Speech

Thomas Babor
· Screening, Brief Interventions, and Referral to Treatment: Can Alcohol and Tobacco Serve as Trojan Horses for Drug SBIRT? (EN)
10.00 Coffee-Break
10.30 Symposium A: Coord.: Bart Garmyn Brief Interventions in the Occupational Context (EN)

Bart Garmyn, Andre Kruse, Phillippe Kiss
· Early Intervention on hazardous alcohol intake in the Belgian Occupational health settingErica Cruvinel, Telmo Mota Ronzani, Leonardo Fernandes Martins, Rafaela de Oliveira Lisboa, Daniela Cristina Belchior Mota, Júnia Marise de Oliveira Cotta
· Organizational climate and alcohol risk use prevention in primary health care practiceHanna Jurvansuu, Leena Heljälä, Marketta Kivistö, Tiina Kaarne
· Counseling for Heavy Drinkers in a Finnish Occupational Health Services – the Patients’ PerspectiveLeena Heljälä, Kaija Seppä, Hanna Jurvansuu, Tiina Kaarne, Martti Kuokkanen, Anna-Maija Pietilä
· Self-reported brief intervention activity in the Finnish occupational health services
Symposium B: Coord.: Maristela Monteiro Implemention of SBI in Latin America: Experiences and Challenges (SP)

Maristela G. Monteiro
· Implementation of SBI in Latin America: experiences and challengesAlfredo Pemjean
· Brief interventions as part of a National Program of alcohol Care and Prevention: the Chilean experienceAnny Maisone Castillo Guzman
· Experience from the Dominican Republic on early detection for alcohol dependence and brief intervention in primary health care

Giselle Amador Muñoz

· Prevention of alcohol and drug consumption in educative centers in Costa Rica – an evaluated experienceLeticia Echeverria San Vicente
· Brief intervention with problem drinkers: adaptation, evaluation and dissemination in MexicoEsteban Lucas Figueroa
· Argentinean planning to reduce Alcohol Related Problems: The Argentinean Brief Intervention plan for alcohol related problems
12.00 Lunch
14.30 Workshop A: Coord.: Nick Heather Brief Interventions and the Internet (EN)

Nick Heather
· A “Social Marketing Campaign” against hazardous and harmful drinking in EnglandPreben Bendtsen, Agneta Andersson, Marika Holmqvist
·Effectiveness of e-mail-based computerized alcohol intervention amongst college students in SwedenThiago Pavin, Maria Lucia O.S.Formigoni, Paulina C.A.v.Duarte
· A six-month follow-up effectiveness analysis of a distance learning course in EIBI in Brazil

Trevor van Mierlo, John A. Cunningham

· Internet-based interventions: accessible, anonymous, customizable and brief
Workshop B: Coord.: Florence Kerr-Côrea Brief Interventions & University Students (SP)

Florence Kerr-Corrêa; Maria Odete Simão; Sumaia I. Smaira; Luzia A.Trinca; Tricia M.F. Floripes; Ivete Dalben; Raul A.Martins; Janaina B. Oliveira; Mariana B. Cavariani, Adriana M.Tucci.
· Prevention of risk drinking among university students in a Brazilian university: a clinical trial with a two year follow-upIngryd Cunha Ventura Felipe, Getrudes Teixeira Lopes, Bruna Kelly de Jesus Lemos, Daiana Albino Pena, Luana Dos Santos Vasconcellos Lima
· The phenomenon of drugs: attitudes and beliefs of nursing students at graduation

Lincoln L. Yosetake, Erikson F.Furtado

· Problematic alcohol use in university students from the health field: a prevention proposalMargarida Maria Rocha Bernardes, Elaine Cristina Valadares da Silva Moutinho, Gertrudes Teixeira Lopes
· The nurse and drug use / abuse: a perspective for the Family Health Program
16.00 Coffee-Break
16.30 Symposium C: Coord.: Cheryl Cherpitel Brief Interventions in Medical Settings (EN)

Cheryl J. Cherpitel, Jacek Moskalewicz, Grazyna Swiatkiewicz
· Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) in a Polish Emergency RoomBeatriz Roson, The ASMI study Group
· Prevalence and evaluation of alcohol use among hospitalized patients in medical wards in Spain.Carolina Melo Cândido de Paula, Bruno Spinosa de Martinis
· The importance of the investigation of blood alcohol in deaths due to external causes.Eileen Kaner
· Mind the gap: Clinical trials, clinical reasoning and risky drinking in everyday primary care
Symposium D: Coord.: Clarissa Corradi-Webster Where there
is no doctor around: training and conducting BI with
non-specialist or community members (SP)

Clarissa Mendonça Corradi-webster
· Where there is no doctor around: training and conducting Bi with other workers or community membersKarl Peltzer
· Screening and brief advice for risky substance users among charismatic and main stream churches in South ÁfricaEsteban Lucas Figueroa
· Where there is no doctor around: experiences of training and conducting brief interventions with other workers or community membersJane Moraes Lopes, Erikson Felipe Furtado
· Monitoring of community health agents in Ribeirao Preto after SBIRT trainingRodrigo Otávio Moretti-Pires
· Where there is no doctor around: experiences with community health agents and river populations in the Amazon
19.00 Dinner
Friday, 10th october
Time Rubi Turquesa
8.30 Keynote Speech

Richard L. Brown
· A Statewide Program to Enhance Delivery of Alcohol and Drug Screening and Intervention Services
10.00 Coffee-Break
10.30 Workshop C: Coord.: Thomas Babor SBIRT – National Experiences

Fredrik Spak, Annika Andersson
· Local evaluations in the Swedish Risk Drinking Project

Nick Heather
· Piloting the implementation of Screening and Brief Intervention in england: the SiPS Project

E. Scafato, C. Gandin, L. Galluzzo, S. Ghirini and the IPIB working group
· Country experience and activities on EIBI of hazardous alcohol use for Primary Health Care (PHC) professionals in italy

Pedro Gabriel Godinho Delgado, Erikson F. Furtado
·The Pilot-Project of the Brazilian ministry of Health for dissemination and implementation of SBIRT in the public Unified Health System – SUS

Richard Brown
· SBIRT in the US: Successes, Barriers, and a Coalescing vision

Workshop D: Coord.: Joan Colom Brief Interventions in the Spanish-speaking world (SP)

Antoni Gual, Javier Goti, Rr. Diaz, L. Serrano, R. Calvo, J. Castro
· BI in substance use among adolescent psychiatric patients. Is efficacy related to Severity of use?

Joan Colom, Antoni Gual, Lidia Segura, Maria Estrada

· Endorsing EIBI in all strategic health plans in Catalonia. EIBI in the White paper on drug prevention in CataloniaJoan Colom, Antoni Ggual, Lidia Segura, Claudia Fernandez
· Beveu menys e-learning and e-training tool. Facilitating the dissemination of EIBI in CataloniaMariana Cremonte, Rubén Ledesma, Cheryl J. Cherpitel, Guilherme Guimaraes Borges
· Psychometric properties of the RAPS4 alcohol screening test in Argentina, Mexico and the United States
12.00 Lunch
14.30 General assembly of INEBRIA Symposium E: Coord.: Telmo Ronza ni Brief intervention training evaluation (SP)

Telmo Mota Ronzani
· Brief intervention training evaluationRoseli Boerngen-Lacerda, Everton C. Gomes, Cleuse Maria Brandão Barleta, Cássia zottis
· Detection and brief intervention for at-risk drug users in primary health care: How does it work?

Michaela Bitarello do Amaral, Maria Lucia O.S.Formigoni

· PHC administrators’ and Professionals’ Beliefs and Attitudes about Alcohol and Other Drug AbuseTelmo Mota Ronzani Daniela Mota Belchior, Isabel Weiss de Souza, Ronaldo Rocha Bastos
· Evaluation of predictors of SBI practical implementation in PHC services in Minas Gerais, BrazilHelena M.T.Barros, Taís C.Moreira, Simone Fernandes, Luciana Signor, Denise Dantas, Maristela Ferigolo
· Phone-based BI by multi-professionals: Perspectives for treatment of drug abuse and dependece
16.00 Coffee-Break
16.30 Closing Ceremony: Round Table, Plenary Discussion & Poster Session Prize
(EN) English; (SP) Spanish/Portuguese