14th Conference of INEBRIA, 14th – 15th September 2017 New York (USA)


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Plenary session 1
Implementing SBIRT in Pediatric Primary Care Sharon Levy, MD, MPH, Boston Children’s HospitalRosenthal Pavilion
Plenary session 2
Nick Heather Lecture—Beyond SBI: Caring for the Whole Spectrum of Alcohol and Drug Use Disorders in Primary Care
Katharine Bradley, MD, MPH, Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute Rosenthal Pavilion
BI Education and Workforce Development

Moderator: Shauna P. Acquavita

Implementation and Dissemination

Moderator: Niamh Fitzgerald

Differences in Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention across Health Disparity Populations in Large U.S. Samples
Chair: Joseph Glass

  • Receipt of alcohol screening and brief intervention among transgender and non- transgender adults in the U.S.: Exploratory findings from a national health survey (John Blosnich)
  • Alcohol Use and Receipt of Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention in a Representative Sample of Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Adults Receiving Health Care
    (Keren Lehavot)
  • Racial/Ethnic and Gender Differences in Receipt of Brief Intervention among Patients with Unhealthy Alcohol Use in the U.S. Veterans Health Administration (Emily C. Williams)
  • Differences in Receipt of Alcohol-Related Care across Race/Ethnicity among VA Patients Living with HIV and Unhealthy Alcohol Use
    (Kara Bensley)
  • Racial/Ethnic Disparities in Alcohol Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment among Adult Hypertensive Patients in Primary Care Settings (Felicia W. Chi)
The Potential of Smartphone Delivered Brief Interventions
to Reduce Hazardous and Harmful Drinking

Chair: Colin Drummond, Paolo deLuca
Discussant: Richard Saitz

  • Smartphone apps targeting risky and excessive drinking patterns among university students show differing subgroup effects over 20 weeks
    (Anne H. Berman)
  • Estimating effectiveness of components of a smartphone app—Drink Less— to reduce excessive alcohol consumption: a factorial randomised control trial (Claire V. Garnett)
  • Effectiveness and cost effectiveness of a smartphone based electronic alcohol intervention for adolescents: Findings from the SIPS jr trials (Paolo Deluca)
  • Optimising engagement with eSBI: The BRANCH app targeting harmful drinking in young adults
    (Joanna M Milward)
Brief Interventions in Primary Health Care: Experiences from Latin American Countries (Intervenciones Breves en Los Servicios de Atención Primaria: Experiencias de Países)—SPANISH LANGUAGE SESSION

Chair: Maristela Monteiro

  • Analysis of the availability of screening and brief intervention services in primary health care in Mexico (Marcela Tiburcio)
  • SBIRT in Primary Health Care in Chile: the experience of a national program (Pablo Norambuena)
  • Capacity building using ASSIST-SBI in PHC (Daniela Osores)
  • Data about the use of brief interventions with pregnant women who drink alcohol (Erikson Furtado)
  • Effectiveness of a brief intervention group performed by nurses in addressing hazardous and harmful alcohol use (Divane de Vargas)
Plenary session 3
Fostering and Maintaining Engagement through Adaptive Digital Interventions
Frederick Muench, PhD, Partnership for Drugfree KidsRosenthal Pavilion
Effectiveness of Brief Intervention and Treatment Engagement Approaches

Moderator: Lillian Gelberg

Next steps for SBIRT research: Technology and its optimization

Chair: Steven Ondersma

  • Electronic- and Clinician-Delivered Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Women in Reproductive Healthcare Centers: A Randomized Clinical Trial (Kimberly A. Yonkers)
  • Electronic- and Clinician-Delivered Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment for Women in Reproductive Healthcare Centers: Economic analyses (Steve Martino)
  • A RCT comparing computer and therapist-delivered SBIRT for alcohol/drugs in an urban primary care setting (Dace S. Svikis)
  • Common factors and ethopoeia in computer-delivered brief intervention for alcohol use: A factorial trial (Emily Grekin)
Adolescents and Young Adults

Moderator: Sharon Levy


Beyond the Randomised Controlled Trial: Novel Approaches to Exploring
What Works, Why, and How in Alcohol Screening and Brief Interventions
Chair: Amy O’Donnell
Co-Presenters: Niamh Fitzgerald, Colin Angus

Brief Interventions for Alcohol in Latin America: What Is New and What Are the Next Steps?

Chair: Maristela Monteiro

  • Brief interventions for substance abuse in Latin America: a systematic review (Henrique Gomide)
  • Brief intervention to promote alcohol abstinence during pregnancy in Argentina: a randomized controlled trial (Aldana Lichtemberger)
  • ASSIST/SBIRT in Colombia Augusto Pérez
    The challenges of SBIRT to detect substance use in primary care: Mexican study (Guillermina Natera)
  • AUDIT-linked Brief Intervention delivered by paramedics in Chilean primary care: a pragmatic randomized controlled trial (Nicolas Barticevic)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Plenary session 4
AMETIST for the Masses: Alcohol Misuse Evaluation and Treatment Intervention with Social Marketing Techniques
Thomas Babor, PhD, MPH, University of Connecticut School of Medicine
Rosenthal Pavilion
Plenary session 5
Best Research Abstracts
Rosenthal Pavilion
Treatment of alcohol dependence in primary care compared to specialist care—a randomised controlled trial
Sara Wallhed Finn

Would universal delivery of Screening and Brief Intervention in primary care improve or exacerbate alcohol-related inequalities in health? A modelling study in England
Colin Angus
Screening for Substance Use

Moderator: Nicolas Bertholet


Digital Approaches for Facilitating Engagement in SBI
Moderator: Leo Pas


Research Methods and New Directions
Moderator: Richard Saitz

Electronic Health Records and Technology in Integrated Care for Substance
Use Disorders: NIDA Clinical Trials Network Research Initiatives
Chair: Geetha Subramaniam
Co-presenters: Gavin Bart, Jennifer McNeely, Lisa Marsch, Aimee Campbell
Plenary session 6
Brief Behavioural Interventions for Older Adults: What Works
Simon Gilbody, DPhil, PhD, University of York
Rosenthal Pavilion
‘It’s Part of What We Do?’: Making Screening and Brief Intervention Happen in Primary Medical Care
Walter Cullen, MB, MICGP, MRCGD, MD, University College
Dublin Rosenthal Pavilion

SBI in Special Populations
Moderator: Aisha S. Holloway


Using Digital Approaches to Deliver Interventions for Harmful Tobacco, Alcohol, and Drug Use
Moderator: Matthijs Blankers


Quality and Reach of SBI in Healthcare Settings
Moderator: Kimberly A. Hepner


Screening and Brief Intervention for Alcohol and Drug Use: How Can Health Care Systems Make a Difference?
Chair: Constance Horgan; Discussant: Lela R. McKnight-Eily

  • Reducing Risky Drinking: What Health Care Systems Can Do (Maureen Stewart)
  • Low Screening and Follow-up for Unhealthy Alcohol Use in Health Plans (Junqing Liu)
  • Implementing Single-Item Screening for Drug Use in a Veterans Administration Outpatient Setting (Dominic Hodgkin)
  • Universal Versus Targeted Screening based on Alcohol Screening for Tobacco and other Drug Use in Adult Primary Care (Constance Weisner)


Poster 1 Difference between gain- and loss-framed ads to attract smokers for a brief web- based intervention for smoking cessation Nathália Munck Machado, Henrique P Gomide, Heder S Bernardino, Telmo M Ronzani
Poster 2


PTSD Influences Receipt of Evidence-based Alcohol-Related Care: A National Study of Patients with Unhealthy Alcohol Use from the U.S. Veterans Health Administration
Jessica A. Chen, Mandy D. Owens, Kendall Browne, Emily C. Williams
Poster 3 French GPs obstacles to SBI: a qualitative study
Chloé Cogordan, Raphaël Andler, Viêt Nguyen-Thanh, Pierre Arwidson
Poster 4 Attitudes to alcohol screening during pregnancy: the Scottish experience
Lawrence Doi, Ruth Jepson, Helen Cheyne
Poster 5 Who are the smokers who seek help online to quit smoking in Brazil? A cross sectional study
Taynara Formagini, Henrique P Gomide, Nathália M. Machado, Rafaela R. Ervilha, Heder S. Bernardino, Telmo M. Ronzani
Poster 6 A Computer-Based Brief Intervention to Reduce Substance Use and Risky Sex During Pregnancy
Golfo K. Tzilos, Melissa Plegue, Christopher W. Kahler, Ananda Sen, Caron Zlotnick
Poster 7 The roles of heavy drinking and drug use in engagement in care among individuals with uncontrolled HIV infection
Jennifer C Elliott, Lacey Critchley, Daniel J. Feaster, Deborah S. Hasin, Raul N. Mandler, Georgina Osorio, Allan E Rodriguez, Lisa R. Metsch
Poster 8 Initiating Extended-Release Naltrexone
is Feasible and Acceptable in Frequent Emergency Department Users with Severe Alcohol Use Disorders
Ryan P. McCormack, Mirelis Gonzalez, Dunia Gragui, Joy Scheidell, Gail D’Onofrio, John Rotrosen
Poster 9 Reducing Marijuana use among Graduate/ Professional Students Presenting to Student Health Services using eSBI
Tibor P. A. Palfai, Tracie M. Goodness, Michael Winter
Poster 10 Emergency Department admission for intoxication is a marker of mental health vulnerability among young adults: a 6-year cohort study
Angeline Adam, Mohamed Faouzi, Bertrand Yersin, Jennifer McNeely, Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Nicolas Bertholet
Poster 11  Enhancing Interest in Substance Use Disorders Research: Evaluation and Dissemination of the SARET Program
Kathleen Hanley, Sewit Bereket, Ellen Tuchman, Madeline Naegle, Frederick More, Jennifer McNeely, Marc N. Gourevitch
Poster 12 Student Feedback on Web Based Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment Program
Adam C. Brooks, Carolyn M. Carpenedo, Jonathan Dayan, Marisa Aurora, Joanna Adely, Chase Deutsch
Poster 13 Online SBI Training for Diverse Health Professional Trainees Richard L. Brown, Matt Guerrieri, Mia D. Croyle, Jade Goetz
Poster 14 The Intersection of Youth, Violence and Risky Drinking: A Quantitative and Qualitative Study of Violence Brief Counseling Intervention at a US Level I Hospital Trauma Center
Leigh Zick Dongre, Olivia H. Currin, Elizabeth Bost White, Laura J. Veach, Preston R. Miller, Regina R. Moro
Poster 15 Homelessness and housing instability among emergency department patients who screen positive for unhealthy alcohol or drug use: a challenge for ED-based SBIRT
Evan Gerber, Kelly M Doran, Ryan P. McCormack, Donna Castelblanco, Donna Shelley, John Rotrosen, Lillian Gelberg
Poster 16:   A systematic review of interventions targeting alcohol intake with patients with cancer
Gillian Waller, Grant J McGeechan, Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Natalie Connor, Jennifer Ferguson, Emma L Giles
Poster 17 Alcohol consumption screening tools in predicting NCDs risk factors
Chaisiri Angkurawaranon, Nalinee Jakkaew, Kanokporn Pinyopornpanish, Wichuda Jiraporncharoen, Anawat Wisetborisut, Surin Jiraniramai, Chaisiri Angkurawaranon
Poster 18 Training in Screening and Brief Intervention: The Role of Social Workers’ Attitudes Towards Evidence-Based Practice Cali-Ryan R. Collin, René Carapinha, Kimberly H. M. O’Brien, Jennifer M. Putney, Adele Levine
Poster 19 Identifying risk of cannabis use disorder through quantitative criteria
Hugo López-Pelayo, Cristina Casajuana Kögel, M Mercedes Balcells-Olivero, Antoni Gual Solé
Poster 20 Depression among smokers of Viva sem Tabaco, a web-based intervention for quit smoking: a cross sectional study
Henrique P Gomide, Nathália M. Machado, Rafaela R. Ervilha, Taynara Formagini, Heder S. Bernardino, Telmo M. Ronzani
Poster 21 Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Training in Medical Professional Programs: Implementation and Dissemination
Gail D’Onofrio, Shara H. Martel, Michael V. Pantalon, Jeanette Tetrault, Todd W. Rofuth, William Rowe, Diane E. Michaelson, Jaak Rakfeldt, Uchenna T. Nwachuku, Louisa L. Foss-Kelly
Poster 22 Screening and Brief Intervention with Low-Income Youth and Young Adults in Community-Based Settings
Mary F. Brolin, Helen Whitcher, Sharon Reif, Shahara Jahgoo, Patrick L. McNeil
Poster 23 How alcohol screening and counseling should be done? Attitudes of social work professionals and their clients
Elina Renko
Poster 24 Psychosocial aspects associated with Alcohol consumption: a comparison of pregnant women
Larissa Horta Esper, Erikson F. Furtado
Poster 25 Psychometric properties of screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment (SBIRT) training outcome measures to evaluate an online simulation training
Weiwei Liu, Tracy L. McPherson, Hildie Cohen, Dawn L. Lindsey
Poster 26 Assessing the impact of mode of delivery and training hours on screening and brief intervention proficiency using a web-based simulated patient
J. Aaron Johnson, Yunmi Chung, Megan Hicks, Katherine Covington, Deborah Macmillan, J. Paul Seale
Poster 27 Telephone counseling and text messaging for supporting post-discharge quit attempts among hospitalized smokers in Brazil: a feasibility study
Erica Cruvinel, Kimber P Richter, Fernando Colugnati, Telmo M. Ronzani
Poster 28 Binge Drinking Characteristics of Latino Emergency Department Patients with Unhealthy Drinking
Federico Vaca, Jesse Reynolds, James Dziura, Allen Hsiao, Craig Field, Michael Pantalon, Fuad Abujarad, Gail D’Onofrio
Poster 29 Exploring the practices and attitudes of GPs in the delivery of ABIs in Scotland: a qualitative study
Aisha S Holloway, Eric Carlin, Eddie Donaghy
Poster 30 Brief interventions to alcohol users in primary care context: results of a pragmatic trial
Sara Pinto Barbosa, Camila Alvares, Margarita Antonia Villar Luis
Poster 31 Comparison of Characteristics in Latino Patients Completing the Alcohol Use Disorder Identification Test in the ED
Federico Vaca, Jesse Reynolds, James Dziura, Allen Hsiao, Craig Field, Michael Pantalon, Fuad Abujarad, Gail D’Onofrio
Poster 32


Factors Associated with Sustained Alcohol Screening and Assessment for Alcohol Use Disorders after Active Implementation in Three Primary Care Clinics
Amy K. Lee, Emily C. Williams, Julie E. Richards, Carol E. Achtmeyer, Evette J. Ludman, Paula Lozano, Ryan M. Caldeiro, Rebecca L. Parrish, Katharine A. Bradley
Poster 33 Effect of breathalyzer testing and brief interventions in preventing drink-driving during academic parties
Tereza M. Barroso, Diogo Marques, Jimmy Martins, Tiago Silva
Poster 34 Screening and brief interventions for reducing hazardous and harmful drinking among Portuguese older people
Tereza M. Barroso, Carla Susana Monteiro, Linda Samanta Fernandes
Poster 35 Identifying Needs, Gaps, and Opportunities in Social Work and Nursing Curriculum to Integrate Adolescent SBI Education Dawn L. Lindsay, Tracy L. McPherson, Piper Lincoln, Holly Hagle, Sabrina Bauroth, Anna Schlissel, Hannah Joseph
Poster 36 Consumption of psychoactive substances in tuberculosis patients: interface to adherence to treatment and brief intervention
Sonia Sueli S. Espirito Santo, Angela M.M. Abreu, Luciana Fernandes Portela
Poster 37 Comparison of brief individual and group intervention for alcohol users: First results
María V. Luna Cañas, Leticia Echeverría SanVicente
Poster 38 Group with family of pharmacodependents in a service of attendance to the workers of a general hospital
Marcella B. A. Abdalla, Natália A. Antunes, Erikson F. Furtado
Poster 39 Integrating online patient simulation of screening and brief intervention in social work curricula
Jennifer M. Putney, Adele A. Levine, Kimberly H. M. O’Brien, Cali-Ryan Collin
Poster 40 The effect of Brief Intervention in reducing problem alcohol use among employees of a university
Riany Moura Rocha Brites, Angela M. M. Abreu
Poster 41 Screening for Adolescent Alcohol and Other Drug Use by Thomas Jefferson University Hospital Providers: Barriers and Recommendations
Emily B. Lambert, Russell McIntire, James Plumb
Poster 42 Implementation Pilots in Primary and Behavioral Healthcare Settings
Reid K Hester, William Campbell
Poster 43 How Health Professional Associations Can Become the Standard-Bearers for Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention Diane K King, Susan I. Rawlins, Beth M. Kelsey, Marilyn Pierce-Bulger, Bridget L. Hanson
Poster 44 An online alcohol SBI training course designed to motivate change in practice behaviors
Leigh E. Tenkku Lepper, Lara N. Oakley, Catherine M. Link, Debra J. Sprague, Abdelmoneim A. Elfagir
Poster 45 CDC grant efforts to promote the implementation of alcohol SBI as a component of fetal alcohol spectrum disorders prevention Lela R. McKnight-Eily, Elizabeth P. Dang
Poster 46:   FASD Practice and Implementation Centers and National Partnerships: Overview of a Comprehensive, Collaborative Prevention Effort
Sandra J. Gonzalez, Alicia A. Kowalchuk, Roger J. Zoorob
Poster 47 An Interprofessional Approach to Implementing Alcohol SBI: The Texas High Impact Project
Alicia Kowalchuk, Sandra J Gonzalez, Carolyn Edney, Tobie Barton, Nancy A. Roget, Roger Zoorab
Poster 48 Collaboration with the American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the CDC Workforce Improvement Project
Ann M. Mitchell, Deborah Finnell, Christine L. Savage, Kathy Puskar, Irene Kane
Poster 49 Leading horses to water and hoping they don’t drink Karen L. Steinberg, Janice Vendetti, Bonnie McRee, Katherine Robaina
Poster 50 Adapting the AUDIT to National Standards: The USA Case Study
Thomas Babor, Katherine Robaina, John Higgins-Biddle
Poster 51 The ASSIST-FC: Reliability and validity of a two-question version of the World Health Organization’s Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test
Janice Vendetti, Bonnie McRee, Thomas Babor, Miranda Lynch
Poster 52  A Qualitative Study of the Factors that Impact SBIRT Workflow Processes
Manu Singh, Lauren Eckert, Erika Tait
Poster 53 The Development of a Nurse Champion Model to Promote Alcohol Screening and Brief Intervention (ASBI)
Dawn Lindsay, Holly N Hagle, Ann M. Mitchell, Kathryn R. Puskar, Irene Kane, Emily Knapp
Poster 54 Factors Affecting Health IT Integration for Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment (SBIRT) Service Delivery
Laura H. Marcial, Cynthia M Throop, Michelle L Dougherty, Erin L Mallonee, Barbara L Massoudi
Poster 55 Profile of Brazilian users of a web-based Brief Intervention to reduce alcohol associated problems
Maria Lucia O. Souza-Formigoni, Andre Luiz Monezi Andrade

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