7th Conference of INEBRIA, 9th and 10th September 2010, Gothenburg (Sweden)

Thursday 10.15-11.45

Keynote address 1
John B. Saunders, Global perspectives on implementation of screening and brief interventions
Chair: Nick Heather
Parallel Symposium 1A
Brief intervention and the Internet
Chair: Jim McCambridge
Room: Skaftö
1. On-line randomised controlled trial of a psychologically enhanced Internet based intervention compared with an information only website Paul Wallace, Elizabeth Murray, Jim McCambridge, Zarnie Khadjesari, Ian R White, Simon G. Thompson, Eleftheria Kalaitzaki, Christine Godfrey, Stuart Linke
2. Who uses online interventions for problem drinkers? John Cunningham, T. Cameron Wild, Keith Humphreys
3. Institutionalization of mail based e-SBI to college and university students in Sweden Preben Bendtsen
Parallel Symposium 1B
Training in brief intervention
Chair: Dorothy Newbury-Birch
Room: Hyppeln
1. Training of religious leaders on screening and brief intervention through a distance learning course Maria Lucia O. Souza-Formigoni, Denise DeMicheli, Eroy A. Silva, Yone Moura, Ana Paula Leal Carneiro, Monica Parente Ramos, Fernando A.B. Colugnati, Paulina C.A.V. Duarte
2. Brief interventions in Primary Health Care: Attitudes and effectiveness in clinical practice Cristina Ribeiro
3. Training in SBIRT in medical schools in the US. An examination of physician education and training on conducting screenings, brief interventions and referral to treatments Manu Singh, Jennifer Kasten, Susan Hayashi
Parallel Symposium 1C
Family doctors and alcohol interventions
Chair: Pierluigi Struzzo
Room: Asperö
1. Successful intervention by shifting focus from alcohol to patient agenda Sven Wåhlin
2. Engaging general practitioners in the prevention of hazardous and harmful alcohol consumption Miranda Laurant, Ivonne van Beurden, Peter Anderson, Reinier Akkermans, Richard Grol, Michel Wensing
3. Intervention for excessive alcohol consumption in primary health care: attitudes and practices of GPs in England ten years on Graeme Wilson, Catherine A. Lock, Nick Heather, Paul Cassidy, Marilyn M. Christie, Eileen F.S. Kaner
4. The effectiveness of general practitioners (GP) screening and BI in reducing alcohol consumption among patients in primary care in Italy Tiziana Fanucchi, Ilaria Londi, Laura Mezzani, Elena Vanni, Valentino Patussi
Keynote address 2
Siw Carlfjord, Implementation of new methods
Chair: Fredrik Spak

Thursday 13.45-14.45

Parallel Symposium 2A
Presentation of the forthcoming ODHIN project
Chair: Antoni Gual
Room: Skaftö
A study on how to translate new evidence-based clinical practices into health service provision Antoni Gual, Fredrik Spak, Preben Bendtsen, Pierluigi Struzzo, Lidia Segura, Peter Anderson Eileen Kaner
Parallel Symposium 2B
The Swedish national risk drinking project: Structure and methods
Chair: Sven Wåhlin
Room: Hyppeln
The risk drinking project: Structure and methods Sven Wåhlin, Astri Brandell-Eklund, Ragnhild Ivarsson-Walther, Åsa Wetterqvist, Ylva Lyander, Eva-Karin Envall, Åsa Heimer
Parallel Symposium 2C
SBIRT projects in the US. Presentation of different implementation strategies
Chair: Leigh Fischer
Room: Asperö
SBIRT projects in the US. Presentation of different implementation strategies Leigh Fischer, Brie Reimann, Alissa Almeida, Lee Ellenberg, Stephen O’Neil

Thursday 15.45-17.15

Parallel Symposium 3A
Implementation of EIBI/SBI
Chair: Lidia Segura
Room: Skaftö
1. Evaluation of STAD’s education in alcohol prevention for primary care Håkan Källmen, Ylva Nork, Kristina Marttinen, Josefin Bäckström
2. Performance measures for substance use screening and brief intervention in hospitals: Advocacy or evidence-based practice? Richard Saitz
3. Implementation of an alcohol program in a university hospital: Goals, obstacles and solutions Beatriz Rosón Hernández, Maria Rosa Hernandez Ribas, Ana Belen Martinez Gonzalo, Ferran Bolao Baro, Ramon Pujol Farriols, Jose Manuel Menchon Magrina, Mar Lazaro Diaz
4. The experience of the Region Friuli, Venezia Giulia, Italy Pierluigi Struzzo, Luigi Canciani
Parallel Symposium 3B
Alcohol prevention in new settings
Chair: John Cunningham
Room: Hyppeln
1. Evaluation of the brief intervention applied by high school teachers at riks drinkers Raul Martins, Luciana Nogueira Cruz, Izabella A. Silva, Antonio Jose Manzato, Patricia S. Teixeira
2. The potential for implementing BI in the Criminal Justice System in the North East of England Dorothy Newbury-Birch, Ruth McGovern, Nicola Brown, Eileen Kaner
3. Barriers and incentives to screening and brief interventions in community pharmacies in New Zealand and England: a qualitative study of pharmacists’ views Janie Sheridan
4. The provision of an alcohol screening and brief intervention to pharmacy customers by community pharmacists: preliminary findings Ranjita Dhital
Parallel Symposium 3C
Methodological aspects of BI studies
Chair: Paul Seale
Room: Asperö
1. In randomisation we trust? Jim McCambridge
2. Do change talk curve-profiles during a brief motivational intervention have an impact on drinking outcomes? Nicolas Bertholet, Mohamed Faouzi, Jacques Gaume, Cristiana Fortini, Gerhard Gmel, Jean- Bernard Daeppen
3. Perception of drinking of others in a sample of 20-year-old men: The more I think you drink, the more I drink Nicolas Bertholet, Jacques Gaume, Mohamed Faouzi, Jean-Bernard Daeppen, Gerhard Gmel
4. Brief Interventions in the routine of Primary Health Centers in Brazil: results of a phone survey Erikson Furtado, Milton R. Laprega

Friday 10.00-11.30

Keynote address 3
Deborah Dawson, Risk drinking: “At risk for what?”
Chair: Marko Kolsek
Parallel Symposium 4A
BI in Emergency departments
Chair: Preben Bendtsen
Room: Skaftö
1. 12-montth SBIRT outcomes in a Polish emergency department: Findings from a randomized controlled clinical trial Cheryl Cherpitel, Rachael Korcha, Jacek Moskalewicz, Grazyna Swiatkiewicz, Yu Ye, Jason Bond
2. Evaluation of a computerized alcohol intervention implemented in a Swedish emergency department Anna Trinks, Karin Festin, Preben Bendtsen, Per Nilsen
3. Mailed feedback for problem drinkers in the emergency department Alys Havard, Anthony Shakeshaft, Katherine Conigrave
4. Patient reluctance to share alcohol and drug screening and intervention information with their physicians J Paul Seale, J. Aaron Johnson, Alan Lyme, Sylvia Shellenberger
Parallel Symposium 4B
Alcohol prevention in mother and child health care
Chair: Per Nilsen
Room: Hyppeln
1. Preventive interventions for pregnant women: a systematic review Erikson Furtado, Poliana P. Aliane, Vanessa G. Manesco
2. Alcohol prevention work in the antenatal care in Sweden Eva-Karin Envall
3. Development of a research protocol for Brief Interventions for pregnant women in Brazil Erikson Furtado, Poliana P. Aliane
Parallel Symposium 4C
Evaluation of EIBI/SBI projects
Chair: Janie Sheridan
Room: Asperö
1. Factors associated with nurses’ professional readiness to provide alcohol-related care for medical inpatients Lauren Broyles, Kevin L. Kraemer, Barbara H. Hanusa, James F. Luther, Adam J. Gordon
2. Gender differences in the extent of brief intervention for alcohol problems Barbro Engdahl
3. Examination of the characteristics of offenders identified by each screening strategy and the relative efficiency of the screening tools in the criminal justice system Dorothy Newbury-Birch, M. Bland, P. Cassidy, S. Coulton, P. Deluca, C. Drummond, E. Gilvarry, C. Godfrey, N. Heather, E. Kaner, J. Myles, A. Oyefeso, S. Parrott, K. Perryman, T. Phillips

Friday 13.15-14.45

Parallel Symposium 5A
Alcohol and related problems
Chair: Ranjita Dhital
Room: Skaftö
1. Relationship between cancer mortality and alcohol consumption in the Luiz Antonio City, Sao Paulo State, Brazil, in the decade from 2000 to 2009 Maria Teresinha Martins Tonello, Luisa Soares da Silva Aliberti
2. Effectiveness of Alcohol, Smoking and Substance Involvement Screening Test (ASSIST) linked Brief Intervention Sonali Meena, Robert Ali
3. Association between poly-drug use and alcohol consumption in an Irish cohort of methadone maintained patients Jo-Hanna Ivers, Catherine Darker, Brion Sweeney, Haytham El Hassan, Bobby Smyth, Joe Barry
4. Brief interventions are effective in reducing alcohol consumption in opiate dependent methadone maintained patients: results from an Irish cohort Catherine Darker, Brion Sweeney, Haytham El Hassan, Bobby Smyth, Jo-Hanna Ivers, Joe Barry
Parallel Symposium 5B
From implementation to institutionalization
Chair: John B. Saunders
Room: Hyppeln
1. Implementing alcohol brief interventions in Scotland – from policy to practice Catriona Loots, Karen Cruickshank, Charlotte Woods
2. Evaluation of implementation of EIBI in the Vastra Gotaland region in Sweden 2006-2010 Per Blanck, Fredrik Spak
3. Alcohol issues in daily healthcare Marika Holmqvist, Svante Pettersson, Preben Bendtsen, Fredrik Spak, Per Nilsen
Parallel Symposium 5C
Implementation of innovative alcohol interventions
Chair: Paul Wallace
Room: Asperö
1. Alcohol consumption and alcohol-related problems in young adult Czechs: is there need for brief intervention? Ladislav Csemy, Hana Sovinova, Bohumir Prochazka
2. Internet-based self-assessment and monitoring of problematic alcohol and drug use: A randomized controlled trial Kristina Sinadinovic, Anne H Berman, Peter Wennberg, Magnus Johansson, Dan Hasson
3. Web-based brief personalized feedback intervention in a non-treatment seeking population of heavy drinkers, a randomized controlled trial Anders Blodel Gottlieb Hansen, Ulrik Becker, Anette Nielsen, Morten Grønbæk, Janne Tolstrup
4. Evaluation of two IVR systems for problematic alcohol
use in three Swedish settings
Mikael Gajecki, Claes Andersson, Anne H. Berman
Keynote address 4
Sven Andréasson, Antoni Gual and discussion with audience, Institutionalization of SBI
Chair: Kaija-Liisa Seppä


Poster 1
Early detection of hazardous alcohol drinking in the workplace
María Eugenia González Domínguez, Jose Manuel Romero Sanchez, Cristina Gavira Fernández, Cristina O`Ferrall Gonzalez
Poster 2
Influence of national brief intervention projects on brief intervention activity of Finnish primary care physicians
Kati Sepponen, Mauri Aalto, Kaija Seppä
Poster 3
Public health campaigns in Sao Paulo streets: Screening of alcohol and other drug use followed by brief interventionseeking population of heavy drinkers, a randomized controlled trial
Maria Lucia O. Souza-Formigoni, Vania P. T. Vianna
Poster 4
F-FAST alcohol – questionnaire among middleaged women
Mervi Tuunanen, Kaija Seppä, Mauri Aalto
Poster 5
Comparison of the efficiency of three abbreviated or single-item screeners compared to the full AUDIT in detecting problem drinking in a psychiatric population
Christina Nehlin Gordh, Lennart Jansson, Anders Fredriksson
Poster 6
Evaluation of two intervention strategies according to the type of systematic detection: performed by clinical nurses or by the specialized nurse
Ana Belen Martinez Gonzalo, Beatriz Rosón Hernandez, Maria Rosa Hernandez Ribas, Ferran Bolao Baro, Ramon Pujol Farriols, Jose Manuel Menchon Magrina, Mar Lazaro Diaz
Poster 7
Subjective wellbeing, morbidity and consumption of health services by risky, harmful and problem drinkers
Hana Sovinova, Ladislav Csemy, Bohumir Prochazka
Poster 8
Test of the hypothesis of an inverted u-shaped dose-response function of alcoholic drinks on expected happiness and further test of the predictive value of key features of the resultant curves on self-reported alcohol consumption
Gwen Adey, Simon C Moore, Ivor G Chestnutt
Poster 9
Alcohol preventive intervention for pregnant women
Poliana Aliane, Vanessa Manesco, Erikson Felipe Furtado
Poster 10
The alcohol screening web site in Slovenia
Aleksandra Visnovic Poredos, Marko Kolsek
Poster 11
Screening for alcohol related problems in day care centers for the elderly
Cristina Gavira Fernández, Jose Manuel Martinez Delgado, Cristina O`Ferrall Gonzalez, Jose Manuel Romero Sanchez, María Eugenia
González Domínguez
Poster 12
SUPERA distance learning course on screening and brief intervention: analysis of the use of the distance learning tools and social networks
Denise DeMicheli, Maria Lucia O. Souza- Formigoni, Eroy A. Silva, Yone Moura, Ana Paula Leal Carneiro, Monica Parente Ramos, Fernando A.B. Colugnati, Paulina C.A.V. Duarte